As Arsenal Take on Liverpool, a Gooner Mouths Off!

Aswin M. SahadevanContributor IApril 2, 2008

So, Arsenal take on Liverpool tonight.. and on Saturday... and on Tuesday, by the end of the three match series we will be sick at the sight of Liverpool and like wise I presume.

The Gunners will be bustling with confidence from the game against Bolton where we fought back from being two-nil at half time with just 10 men to beating them 2-3 at full time, what a fight back it was!

Diaby was rightfully sent off 30 minutes into the game and complacency brought about two Bolton goals. No complaints in the end though, we played well in the second half tasted victory after six and a half weeks. It was such a great relief, we showed strength of character and did not let Bolton place their ugly plum on our bitter, bad form cake.
Liverpool haven't been doing badly themselves, they won the Merseyside derby and won back their fourth spot from Everton for good.

It was Torres' fantastic seventh minute strike that separated the two sides. If you watched the rest of the game you'd realise that it was not an easy game to score in, both sides were solid at the back and that one goal was a classy, unstoppable goal.

Torres, I admit is a treat to watch, he scores goals like Henry scored during the good old days at Arsenal. In my view he is doing for Liverpool what Henry did for Arsenal back in the day, putting them back on the map for the world to take notice.

I realised that Liverpool is a team that bought a whole new first team at the beginning of the season and are reaping the benefits now, as their players are getting comfortable playing with each other. As for us, we stepped into this season with almost the same team and started off well but we began burning out somewhere in between and now we're getting back on track.
As a Gooner, I have a few concerns.

First is the form of Kolo Toure and his coordination with William "murderface" Gallas. I think Kolo has been a little off since his return from the ACN and I'd go as far as to say it was his fault that we lost against the Russians. Kolo when in form is the greatest defender for me, but of late we have been seeing his ugly side.

Toure and Gallas failed to cover their former team mates, Anelka and Drogba, and that let to the damage against Chelsea. If Kolo can find his form and rhythm with Gallas, Torres or any other player don't threaten me anymore.

The second concern is the form of our beloved strikers, Adebayor and Van Persie. Van Persie has been struggling to find his form since he came back from an injury that he picked up during international duty in October. Since his return, we have seen that his attempts are that of a top class striker but the goals are just not going in.

Van Persie has scored goals that most players would dismiss as impossible, if he is able to find such form in these games, Reina might have to be retired!

As for the tall Togolese, he hasn't scored a decent goal since he shortened his hair, the goal against AC Milan was a result of Walcott's hard work on the wings when he beat Kaladze to make a spectacular cross to Adebayor. If these two men at the front and Gallas and Toure at the back get back on track, we can beat the Kop by a respectable margin.
The other concern is the game that Gerrard and Torres stir up. Both these players are legends and they "silently" combine very well to cause damage to their opponents. But again, if Gallas and Toure are on top of their game then this wouldn't really worry me so much.

Having said all this, I have to add that I'm mighty confident that we'll come through this three game series with a good result, considering we're the only English team to beat AC Milan and this was just a few weeks back.

Also, players like Reina, Mascherano and Carragher look a little rusty to me and they might just help us out a little and players like Fabregas, Flamini, Clichy, Walcott and Hleb are at their prime and they can unleash hell, oh yes they can!

Bring it on, Scousers!!!