Current UFC Champions and Their Hall of Fame Counterparts

Ron Jayson TimbangContributor IIIMarch 26, 2013

Current UFC Champions and Their Hall of Fame Counterparts

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    Each UFC champion has his own skill set that makes him stand out among other competitors in his respective division.

    Having analyzed the promotion’s current list of champions, it’s nice to see some of them resembling former fighters that are now included in the UFC Hall of Fame.

    The following slides detail the similarities of four of UFC’s current champs with its Hall of Famers. 

Cain Velasquez: Randy Couture (Ground and Pound)

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    It is not so long ago when wrestlers were known to dominate the heavyweight division. During the times wherein the division is just at its early stage, three wrestling-based fighters held its belt: Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman, and Randy Couture, who won the title two times.

    It’s no surprise that the division’s current kingpin, Cain Velasquez, also has a strong wrestling base. Just like Couture and the rest of the former title holders in the list, the current UFC heavyweight champ uses his wrestling prowess to take down opponents at will and ground and pound them en route to a dominating victory.

    It is also important to note that Velasquez and Couture not only possess excellent takedown and ground striking skills but also crisp boxing skills, which they use to set up takedowns or to pick their opponents apart during standup exchanges. 

Jon Jones: Chuck Liddell (Finish Fights)

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    If you were to ask anyone to name two of the most dominant light heavyweight fighters of all time, you’ll sure to get two answers: Jon Jones and Chuck Liddell.

    Both fighters have been able to defend the title a total of four times and have a combined win record of 27 wins in the UFC. More impressive is that they are also known to finish their opponents, ending a total of 18 fights prior to reaching a judges’ decision.

    It is also important to note that both fighters are hard to knock out (Liddell during the top of his career) and to take down. 

Anderson Silva: Royce Gracie (Dominating Skill Set)

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    When you mention the word domination, two fighters come in mind: Royce Gracie for the old era and Anderson Silva for the new era.

    Anderson Silva dominated his opponents using superb striking skills (20 wins by KO), while Royce Gracie became dominant with his excellent jiu-jitsu techniques (12 wins by submission).

    When opponents face these two fighters, they know what to expect, but they still are not able to solve the puzzle that Silva and Gracie have set. 

Georges St. Pierre: Matt Hughes (Wrestling and Charisma)

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    Admit it. As much as you would like to say you’re bored by Georges St. Pierre’s and Matt Hughes’ style of fighting, you still come to watch them every time they are scheduled to fight inside the octagon.

    Both fighters are extremely likable and can carry themselves well in the media. They also use their wrestling techniques to dominate opponents on the ground. The majority of the opponents that St. Pierre and Hughes fought are taken down when these two get a hand on them.