Matt Every Is Just Latest Golfer to Hit from Pond at Arnold Palmer Invitational

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 25, 2013

March Madness managed to make its way into the world of golf at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. 

If you want crazy, apparently, you need to keep your eyes glued to the golf world at the moment. Tiger Woods is back to the No. 1 spot in the sport, golfers are hitting balls out of trees and others are making eagle while standing in a water hazard. 

For your consideration, here is Matt Every's eagle from the drink on three, which is just one of many crazy stories from a great weekend at Bay Hill. 

Possible NSFW language

As Big Lead suggests, Every may have offered a couple of F-bombs after dropping an eagle while standing in a pond. That would be completely understandable. 

The shot comes in the fourth round of play at Bay Hill. On the third hole, Every drops a shot just to the edge of a water hazard. 

Not only does he take a shot while standing in water, he drops one of the best shots of the tournament. 

Of course, he may have had some inspiration from his colleague Nicholas Thompson who did nearly the same thing the day before. 

In the third round (h/t Big Lead), Thompson found his ball floating in a pond on 17. You simply have to play it where it floats, and he does just that, dropping a marvel just feet from the hole. 

The winner from the wild week was the "tree iron" shot from Sergio Garcia. If you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to watch every last entertaining second of Garcia climbing into a tree only to blast a shot safely onto the fairway. 

The LA Times reports on the details—Garcia hits into a tree on 10, and instead of taking a penalty and re-hitting the ball he climbs up into the tree and drops a miracle onto the fairway. 

Guys were hitting from just about every last crevice of Bay Hill so it makes sense that this would be the tournament to see Tiger Woods reclaim his spot atop the golf world

If you are scoring at home, there were tornado warnings, pond shots and a one-handed tree strike. For one rare tournament, the craziest thing on the course wasn't Rickie Fowler's pants

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