Cavs Have No Fear, Your Columnist is Here

Chris GrinsteadCorrespondent IApril 18, 2009

The Cavs are having one heck of a season this year.

In fact, they would have made history had coach Mike Brown decided to let LeBron James and the other starters play limited minutes in their final game against Philadelphia.

They ended up losing by one point in OT to put their home record at 39-2, just one win short of a tie for the record held by the 85-86 Boston Celtics.

Good Call Coach!

But really, in all honesty, I do understand Coach Brown's train of thought here; as he is thinking about a title, not a record. He is more concerned about the team's ultimate goal, not a little sidebar distraction.

For that, I must say, nice job Coach Brown! Good job not being like a Cleveland Browns coach and giving into the every ridiculous whim of the general public in Cleveland.

For that apparently impossible feat, I must applaud you.

Now, onto the matter of LeBron James and his quest for the MVP trophy. He need go no further, he has it all locked up already.

There is no other player in the league right now that could even remotely make an argument for themselves as a more valuable player than James.

Period...end of debate.

Give LeBron the hardware and move on.

In my eyes, LeBron will be bringing home two pieces of hardware this postseason, the MVP trophy and his shiny new NBA Championship ring.

Oh man, am I looking forward to wearing around one of those shirts saying "Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Champions 2009" at school just to shut up the many annoying little snots that decide to become Boston Celtic fans just for the sheer obnoxiousness of it.