4 Ways You Know You're a Michigan Wolverines Fan

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIMarch 25, 2013

4 Ways You Know You're a Michigan Wolverines Fan

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    How does a fan know if he or she is a die hard fan of their respective team?

    There's no set of rules or formula or anything like that, so it sometimes has to be left up to fair judgment.

    There are obviously countless Michigan fans worldwide, but it takes something special to be considered a "diehard fan."

    Here's a look at four qualities that a true diehard fan should have.

When Your Personal Schedule Revolves Around Michigan's Games

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    If you find yourself making plans and scheduling appointments around Michigan's games, then you know you're in good shape.

    There really isn't any personal activity or event that should take priority over a Michigan game, regardless of the opponent or magnitude of the matchup.

    Whether it was the Massachusetts game in September or the MSU game in midseason this past year doesn't matter; no game should ever be missed!

    If you are okay with simply missing the game for some minor event, then you're not a diehard fan.

    Unfortunately, events like weddings or parties planned by others do come up, and that's when things can get a bit dicey.

    At this point, you can only do your best and improvise.

You Know the Michigan Roster Inside and out

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    This one here is a no-brainer. There should never be an instance during a game where a Michigan player steps onto the field, and for some reason you don't know who it is.

    Every scholarship athlete on the roster should be a known commodity, along with a handful of the walk-on players.

    For example, Joey Kerridge saw the field this past year as a redshirt freshman walk-on fullback, yet few people seemed to recognize him. I don't care if the position is only fullback, what Kerridge did is still impressive.

    The same can be said for Joe Reynolds, another walk-on. He began earning playing time over a few veteran scholarship receivers, something that is obviously not easy to do.

    My personal view is that it is a great honor to even be a part of the Michigan football roster, so therefore, they should all be recognized for their outstanding accomplishment.

    Plus, when you've followed many of these kids since they were juniors in high school, you really get attached to them as they progress throughout their careers.

    Once Senior Day finally arrives for these men, you then really have a better understanding of the emotions they are feeling as they take the field for the last time.

When Complete Strangers Can Tell You're a Fan

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    Obviously, our closest friends and family members know where our hearts lie when it comes to Michigan.

    But the real test comes when we engage in conversation with complete strangers. If we have Michigan clothing apparel on, that's a dead giveaway.If we don't, though, Michigan athletics should be one of the first things mentioned in the conversation, regardless of topic or time of year.

    Whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter shouldn't matter, as diehard fans consider it to be Michigan football season year round.

    If the conversation begins as sports talk, well then that's perfect. But if not, then you make sure that the conversation switches to sports talk pretty fast.

    This is when you proclaim your love for Michigan, leaving no doubt in the other peoples' minds where your allegiance lies.

When Michigan's Team Affects You Both Physically and Mentally

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    Let me explain what I mean on this one. The teams' results can have a big impact on you physically, in both a good and a bad way.

    Let's start with the bad; if Michigan ends up losing a game, you really don't have an appetite and therefore, don't feel like eating anything any time soon.

    But any time they win a game, you're suddenly in the mood to try just about anything, whether it's foods you don't normally like or would never eat. Anything is in play after a win. Imagine the joy felt and the willingness to try anything after a game such as the Sugar Bowl, especially if you were in New Orleans.

    That's the physical aspect of things; the mental side of it has a much bigger impact. Again, let's start with the bad.

    After a loss, the emotions you feel are devastating and don't go away in the near future. It usually takes another win for them to disappear. That's why this year's Outback Bowl against South Carolina was so tough, because it will take the team a full offseason to have a chance at redemption.

    While those feelings linger, though, you almost fall into a state of depression, where nothing sounds fun. The absolute opposite is true after a win.

    Suddenly, everything seems a bit brighter, and there is almost nothing that can put you in a bad mood. For example, this feeling was felt after thrilling wins over MSU in 2012 and Notre Dame in 2011.

    A good season will make the fall and winter time that much better (as if it wasn't already.)

    Obviously, the joys of being a Michigan fan are endless, summed up perfectly by the famous saying "It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!"