CM Punk Making a Deposit at Backlash?

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CM Punk Making a Deposit at Backlash?

Since the draft recently, we all know that CM Punk (Money in the Bank winner) was drafted to Smackdown.

Smackdown happens to have no World Title. CM Punk is guaranteed a title match anytime he chooses. When will he elect to make this choice, who knows but here is my opinion.


On Sunday April 26 Backlash CM Punk needs to cash in so Smackdown will not lose any viewers. Smackdown is in desperate need for a title and here is their chance.

The following pay-per-view is Judgement Day held in Chicago, which happens to be CM Punks hometown, so I would think he would want to go into his hometown as a winner.

Match One

World Heavyweight Title. John Cena vs. Edge in a Last Man Standing match.

This is CM Punk's ultimate opportunity! After the match is over the winner of the match will be VERY tired and CM Punk could cash in and "rob" the title.

Match Two

ECW Championship. Jack Swagger vs. Christian.

I highly doubt that CM Punk will cash in on this title match mainly because the name of the title has ECW in it. It is a possibility but probably won't happen.

Match Three

WWE Championship. Triple H, Batista, and Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton and The Legacy.
CM Punk would have to worry about fighting two other superstars if he cashed in on this match because they wouldn't won't their champion to lose.
CM Punk's Smart Choice
World Heavyweight Championship because of the superstars high fatigue. I believe Smackdown also wants to change from WWE Tite to World Heavyweight Title.

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