WWE WrestleMania 29: Ryback Should Be John Cena's Opponent After the PPV

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIMarch 29, 2013


With rumors swirling about CM Punk taking time off after WrestleMania 29 for some rest and relaxation, could the WWE finally have found the "imperfect" match for John Cena? That is, if Cena beats (OK, we know he is going to do that) The Rock in 13 days in New Jersey.

Could Ryback be the perfect storm for Cena and his rebirth of Cenation in the WWE after WrestleMania 29?

I am of the opinion that Ryback's character is stale, getting beaten to hell by The Shield. This could be the swerve we all have been looking for in subplots to change the direction of the company. We were all excited to jump on the Ryback bandwagon toward the end of 2012, bulging biceps and all. The mere thought of a mega-monster dethroning CM Punk to become the WWE champion had us all giddy inside.

Then, injuries to Punk and misdirection by WWE creative writers took over and, well, Ryback never became the star we all wanted. Now, he's locked into a battle with The Shield and in a corner with Randy Orton (who has teased us forever with his potential heel turn) and Sheamus, who cannot decide who to piss off and start a feud with.

Now, Mark Henry has become the object of Ryback's mean affection. Should the WWE continue that feud toward Extreme Rules? What should the WWE do with the "Big Hungry"?

Let's take the guesswork out of the entire plan right now. Having the big man face Cena means a whole new kind of beatdown for Cena and a whole new set of likes and dislikes by fans across the WWE Universe.

Even with a heel turn by Ryback, if that were to happen (which I think is a great move), it would still give Cena momentum.

A new foe. A new obstacle. A new chance to prove he is the best at what he does and another shot at redemption of sorts.

Cena has beaten nearly everyone in the WWE in his tenure. This would add to his "accomplishments."

This is also fodder for CM Punk as well. If the Cena/Ryback feud goes nowhere, then Punk is there to "save the day" in Mighty Mouse fashion. We all love a great match and rivalry like Punk/Cena, but sometimes we all need a little break in the action.

Should Ryback be allowed to hold the WWE Title, then Cena can charge through and take back what is rightfully his and have Punk waiting for him at the end of the bridge.

This is an option the WWE should look at. Whether it is in the works remains to be seen. Vince McMahon said back at TLC that Ryback would get his WWE Title shot because he earned it. Now it's time for Vince to back up what he said.

This is the way for him to do it.