Chicago Bears Offensive Preview

Frank D'AndreaContributor IApril 17, 2009

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 09:  (L-R) Devin Hester #23, Kevin Jones #27 and Matt Forte #22 of the Chicago Bears celebrate after Forte scored a on 5-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter against the Tennessee Titans at Soldier Field on November 9, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

For the 2009 season we are 4 1/2 months from taking the field opening night at Soldier Field, against the Packers. Our biggest rival.

A week before draft and we've got a lot of ground to cover, from getting a suitable Wide Receiver, to a great Offensive lineman, or even maybe a Defensive lineman, whatever the Bears choose to do it should be interesting where they go with their draft picks, big names will be off the board by then, so the Bears are going to have to dig deep into their hat of tricks and pull out someone good.

Last year's Chris Williams had NO impact on our team, 2007 Greg Olsen is a great competitor and he's coming into his third season with Chicago. I'm going to illustrate what our team currents state is.




Again, as we've seen since Rex/Wrecks Grossman was drafted, the fans have been half and half on the QB's side, since Rex will no longer be a Bear and, and Orton traded for our savior Jay Cutler, we don't have an experienced back up, we currently have Caleb Hanie (coming into his second year without a single snap in a regular-season game) and 25-year old Brett Basanez who hasn't proved himself either.

The logical thing to do would to bring in a veteran "guide", if you will, to come in if Cutler were to get hurt (knock on wood), but in my opinion, I think it's okay to have Caleb Hanie take the number two, or even Brett, their both young and they got to get in there sooner or later.

I say at the QB position we can give it a 3.5/5 because logically if Cutler were to get hurt we have no idea what Hanie or Brett would be able to do in an actual game.


Running Backs (full back too):

Matt Forte, great runner, great player and overall great person. I'd love to see him line up at Running back AND Wide Receiver, which may-be possible he did play more receiver than our receivers last year. But really, reality is on this earth and Forte isn't a machine so he's going to get tired..

Which is where Kevin Jones comes in a great Running-back from Detroit who carried that team on his back (with Roy Williams help), but since the ACL tear he hasn't been quite he same. We re-signed him, which I'm very happy to see, but also very curious seeing as how if he doesn't do anything this year, will it be his last?

Adrian Peterson, the "bad" one. I personally like AP, I think he's a very talented runner despite being second and third string his whole NFL career. I'd like to see him get a lot more carries this year, when he filled in for Benson he seemed like a good back, not like L.T or the other Adrian Peterson, but he can definitely use a fair share of more snaps. He's also on my watch list.

Garrett who? That's right folks the 5'7, 185 LB running back we have sitting at forth string. Garrett Wolfe, honestly a personal favorite of my, Northern Illinois is just a couple hours from here, and he was such a star there that I began to like him.

Seeing this little guy plow guys and break ankles was awesome, unfortunately the "you must be this tall and this weight to play running back in the NFL" ruler comes out, so we haven't seen much of him at all.

Which I've read that we would like to play him at Punt or Kick Returner but Garrett claims he's not that good at it...OPEN YOUR EYES! If you don't contribue you may never step onto an NFL field again, I love you Garrett and would love to see you in the backfield more often. Great special teams player regardless.

Jason Mckie. Just block for Forte, get us those 2 yards when we need it and then you'll be fine. RUNNING BACKS I GIVE A 4.5/5 IF KEVIN JONES AND COMPANY STEP UP TO HELP FORTE THEN I GIVE IT A SOLID 5/5 ANY DAY


Wide Receiver/Tight end

Rashied Davis. He's a fast, quick guy, he can run descent routes....but he has no hands, yet? Rashied is still on the Bears official roster, and in my opinion I say we try him as Punt or Kick returner just because of his speed but in my opinion Punts and Kicks are generally tougher to catch then a pass, but maybe Cutler can throw him a few balls and he'll come down with them. And that's a big maybe.

Devin Hester. Yes, coach Lovie Smith has stated several times that Hester is their current No. 1 receiver on the depth chart which means that he'll be on the field as long as Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Chad Ocho Cinco, and Calvin Johnson would. Nervous yet?

Well Hester can be a great receiver, he's in the top three of the fastest players in the NFL guys, his Kicks and Punts weren't jokes. But I personally think we should put him out there and just have him run the nine route all day (nine route-Streak) and that he'll take two guys with him at a time.

As a starter, I don't know, he didn't do bad last year he impressed me a couple times, we'll see. He's a great athlete, but as of now I liked him better when he was returning kicks to the house.

Earl Bennett, Cutler's "boy" from Vandy, and 3rd rounder who barely saw the field last year. During mini-camp he was the number two receiver when Orton was still here, does this mean he'll live up to his potential?

Let's hope, we need so much help that it's a little funny, but not really. Alls I really know is that he's pretty quick and has hands. Which sounds great, but according to he isn't the brightest player, if he re-bounds and learns the playbook I'm pretty positive that he can make a spark in our offense.

Devin Aromashodu and Brandon Rideau. In madden Devin is pretty good, but other then that the two haven't have any career in the NFL. Brandon saw brief appearances in a couple games last year, but no stats.

Greg Olsen and Desmond Clarke. Keep doing what your doing, I like them a lot and I have strong confidence that they can carry a load of the receptions this up coming season. With maybe a couple three tight end sets with Kellen Davis? Wide receivers I give a 2/5, because their speed and quickness is there, but their hands aren't, but our tight ends I give a 4/5.


Offensive line.

Now, they may-be almost as old as dinosaurs, but with a couple guys coming in like Orlando Pace, and Frank Omiyale, and hopefully with great improvement from Chris Williams we can start building a new O-line.

My coach said to me freshman year when I was playing Wide Receiver "Frank, it all starts with the snap from the center, does the center muff it? Does the Defense blitz? Can the guard get up fast enough? Can the tackle shift down?

It all starts there, then you'll get your precious pass" which is one-hundred percent true, cause without a line Cutler won't be able to throw to our receivers, and Forte won't be able to charge it up the middle. Our line I give a 3/5, they seemed okay last year, hopefully they improve!

Hey everyone thanks for reading this, I hope to create one for our Defense soon. But if this was just terrible then tell me, and I'll chose a new topic. Thanks everyone, be sure to watch the draft and see what bust or savior we get!