WWE WrestleMania 29: Ryback vs. Mark Henry May Surprise People

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 25, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

When WrestleMania 29 takes over MetLife Stadium, WWE fans will be focused on whether John Cena can earn redemption and whether Undertaker can continue his undefeated streak, but Ryback and Mark Henry will get the crowd's adrenaline throbbing as well. 

This battle of powerhouses will be one of the event's unexpectedly entertaining matches. The combined intensity and power these two men will provide should make for compelling, hard-hitting action.

Often it's a contrast of styles that makes for great matches.

The technician battles the brawler. The power puncher battles the speedy high-flyer. Here though, the intrigue will be in Ryback and Mark Henry's similarities.

Which charging rhino wins out?

What happens when mountain meets mountain? Does this mark an ascent in Ryback's career or does he become another of Henry's victims? Those questions inject this match with great energy.


Will The Hall of Pain Grow?

Henry's path of destruction in 2011, now renewed in 2013, has been one of WWE's most intriguing elements.

Late in his career, Henry has discovered how to fully harness his inhuman strength. He has learned to translate it into violent theater between the ropes. On April 7, Henry will add another impressive showing to his resume.

Will he able to add the powerful Ryback to his lengthy list of victims? Watching him try will be fun in itself.

Watch him tear Kofi Kingston apart on Raw.

Henry's intensity radiates on the screen here. Full-throttle aggression has become his specialty. He had added enriching touches like screaming, "This is what I do!" In his clip, his chin quivers with anger.

These subtle additions add depth to his performances and make him even more frightening.

Watching him kick Kingston out the ring and effortlessly catch him in mid-air, WWE fans may be reminded of a newer star capable of delivering the same kind of punishment to his foes. Henry's freight-train in-ring style is vastly similar to that of his WrestleMania opponent.


Will Ryback Devour His Biggest Meal Yet?

Ryback has spent so much time as The Shield's victim in recent months that fans may have forgotten just how convincingly dominant he can be.

In all of his matches against The Shield, Ryback has provided a glut of power, power that is hard to look away from. Like The Ultimate Warrior before him, like the man whose name fans chant sarcastically at Ryback, Big Hungry has made an art out of straight-ahead destruction.

In a recent match against David Otunga, Ryback showed off his devastating ways.

He evokes a gorilla here, clobbering Otunga in a match the Harvard grad had no chance in.

Ryback has yet to defeat someone as established and powerful as Henry, though. Their WrestleMania match offers him a measuring stick. Fans will find how if he is just a jobber eater or if Ryback is able to stand up to WWE's alpha males.


The Titans Collide

Pitting Ryback against Henry is like a science experiment where one tosses two explosive ingredients in the same beaker. The result is not going to be subtle, but it will be exciting to watch.

WWE announcers have tried to bill this as a battle to decide the king of the jungle. This is an apropos metaphor for such animalistic forces meeting in the ring. WrestleMania 29 will feature plenty of action that will dazzle and impress, but Henry vs. Ryback will be the show's collision that most resembles a car wreck.

This will be Ryback's shot to show WWE what he's capable of under the heat of the spotlight. This match is Mark Henry's chance to prove he belongs in the World Heavyweight Championship discussion.

At WrestleMania 29, fans will witness two bears tearing at each other. Before The Rock electrifies, before Triple H puts his career on the line, Ryback and Mark Henry will cause many a heart to pulsate with exhilaration.