Jayme Merline's Packers Draft Contest Picks

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Jayme Merline's Packers Draft Contest Picks

First Packers Selection: Tyson Jackson

Reasons and explanation: I picked him because everybody else keeps picking Raji and Orakpo, and if I want to win, I have to take a chance on someone else. But seriously, Jackson’s the only likely candidate who truly projects at a position of need in the Packers front seven.

Orakpo’s more of a 4-3 DE than a 3-4 OLB, so the extra coaching he would need would mean he probably wouldn’t crack the starting lineup unless there’s an injury.

And Raji is more of a 4-3 tackle than a 3-4 nose tackle. Plus, we already have a starting nose tackle, meaning that Raji, too, would be unlikely to start.

That leaves Jackson, assuming the Pack go defense.

I do see some possibility of them to go after Michael Oher instead. True left tackles aren’t that common, and, although he would be a bit of a work-in-progress, I feel that he has the potential to be very good.

If Green Bay takes Andre Smith, I might shoot something.

Second Packers Selection: Eben Britton

Reasons and explanation: For whatever reason, I just can’t see Ted Thompson going defense-defense with his first two picks. He hasn’t done it yet in his tenure, and I think alternating between offense and defense with the top two picks gives the team better balance.

As for Britton specifically, he’s perfectly sized for a LT, and, as stated earlier, players of that position are relatively uncommon. He has good footwork and a high motor; one might consider him Aaron Kampman-sort of player that gives it his all every down. He’s also very intelligent, so he should be able to adapt to the zone-blocking scheme if necessary.

To boot, he fits in perfectly with our current linemen in that his pad-level needs some work.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Tiebreaker Questions

Will the Packers make a draft-day trade involving their first-round No. 9 pick?

For now I say no, but it won't be for lack of trying that a deal doesn't get done.

Everyone in the top 10 is desperately trying to trade down, so I don't see there being an opportunity for the Packers to do so.

If Crabtree or Sanchez falls to them for whatever reason, I absolutely see them giving up the pick.


Will the Packers' third selection be an offensive or defensive player?

Absolutely; they can’t go strictly special teams this high. The odds of finding the next Devin Hester are slim to none and no other special teams position is worth a third rounder, no matter how much Mike Sherman thinks so.

Just kidding. I think this draft will be defense-heavy for the Packers, so for now, I will say defense.


Will the Packers use any of their draft choices to take a punter?

While it wouldn’t surprise me if they did, I think it’s more likely that they sign an undrafted free agent to battle it out with Kapinos. So no.


Author's Note: Please be kind. Although I’ve posted a few comments, I’ve never submitted anything resembling an article before, so take it easy on me.

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