Adrian's WWE: FCW Week 1 Draft FCW and OVW New Era In WWE

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 17, 2009

The show starts with pyro as Ricky Steamboat, Theodore Long, Eric Bishoff, Honky Tonk Man, Jake "Snake" Roberts, Marty Jannety, Al Snow, Rick Stenier,Barry Windham, Tully Blanchard, and John Laurnetias stand in the ring all dressed up in suit and tie with Mr. McMahon with the mic in his hand.

Vince: What you see here is the WWE Development Committee for FCW and OVW. Malenko and Anderson will answer to these man when a issue is presented on, and if decisions need to be made, these eleven will decide and on big decisons that will have to do with the future of the WWE.

Crowd cheers...

Vince: There will be 28 picks and some will be past and present. Superstars. Divas, and many more will be put into this mix here in the "Minor League" of the WWE. Titles will be talked about next week on FCW and OVW.

Goes to commerical...

FCW won the coin toss and will get the first pick in the draft.

FCW 1st pick: Bret DiBiase

OVW 1st pick: Low Ki

FCW 2nd pick: Joe Henning

OVW 2nd pick: Wes Brisco

FCW 3rd pick: Ricky Steamboat Jr.

OVW 3rd pick: JD Michaels

FCW 4th pick: Drew McIntyre

OVW 4th pick: Eric Escobar

FCW 5th pick: James Curtis

OVW 5th pick: Dean Jablonski

FCW 6th pick: Ryan Braddock

OVW 6th pick: Dan Rodman

FCW 7th pick: James Mitchell

OVW 7th pick: Tommy Suede

Goes to commerical...

FCW 8th pick: Tyson Tramer

OVW 8th pick: Mike Taylor

FCW 9th pick: Tevita Fifita

OVW 9th pick: Sheamus O'Shaunessy

FCW 10th pick: Reid Flair

OVW 10th pick: Brain Lawler

Eric Bishoff comes out to a big round of boos from the crowd as he gets on the mic.

Bishoff: Me and the rest of the committee in the back have made a decision on our own with the GM accepting that as of now anyone can be drafted superstars, free agents and divas will be drafted from picks 22-25, tag teams will be drafted from picks 15-18. Thank You.

Goes to commerical...

FCW 11th pick: Maven

OVW 11th pick: Chuck Palumbo

FCW 12th pick: Chris Masters

OVW 12th pick: Billy Kidman

Crowd goes crazy as they here Kidman's name.

FCW 13th pick: Sonjay Dutt

Crowd goes crazy again...

OVW 13th pick: Chris Harris

FCW 14th pick: Elijah Burke

OVW 14th pick: Shawn Stasiak

FCW 15th pick: Bashems (Danny and Doug)

OVW 15th pick: Highlanders (Rory and Robby)

Goes to commerical...

FCW 16th pick: Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi)

Crowd goes crazy as the start dancing as the draft contuines...

OVW 16th pick: Impact Players (Storm and Creidible)

FCW 17th pick: La Resitance (Conway and Dupree)

Crowd boos loudly...

OVW 17th pick: Cade and Murdoch

FCW 18th pick: Hawkins and Ryder

OVW 18th pick: Jesse and Festus

FCW 19th pick: Ricky Ortiz

OVW 19th pick: Dolph Ziggler

FCW 20th pick: Kenny Dykstra

OVW 20th pick: Mark Jindrak

Goes to commerical...

FCW 21st pick: Muhammad Hassan

Crowd boos so loud you can't hear anything...

OVW 21st pick: Luther Reigns

FCW 22nd pick: Joey Mecury

Crowd cheers loudly...

OVW 22nd pick: Kevin Thron

Crowd cheers...

FCW 23rd pick: Lacey Von Erich

OVW 23rd pick: Torrie Wilson

FCW 24th pick: Alicia Fox

OVW 24th pick: Jillian

FCW 25th pick: Rosa Mendes

OVW 25th pick: Jazz

FCW 26th pick: Hendenreich

OVW 26th pick: Manu

FCW 27th pick: Orlando Jordan

OVW 27th pick: Paul London

Theodore Long comes out and announces there will be one more draft pick for each brand, but the committee has picked it for them.

Goes to commerical...

FCW 28th and last pick will be: Ahmed Johnson

The crowd starts chanting N-O-D for Nation of Domination

OVW 28th and last pick is Monty Brown as the show goes off the air.

Next will be the first Raw show on Monday, Tuesday will be FCW, Wednesday will be ECW, Thursdays will be OVW, and Friday will be SmackDown as I start the New Era of the WWE.

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