WWE WrestleMania 29: 5 Things That Could Happen in New Jersey

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIMarch 23, 2013

WWE WrestleMania 29: 5 Things That Could Happen in New Jersey

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    What ever happened to the "surprise" that waited for us at pay-per-view events?

    You know what I am talking about. The moments that left us in awe or with our jaws hitting the floor with exasperation. The moments we talk about that happened years ago.

    Remember the time when Hulk Hogan turned his back on the fans? What about Kane making his appearance for the first time? Does anyone remember when Kevin Nash came through the crowd and power-bombed a helpless CM Punk, allowing Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE Title?

    Oh wait, we all remembered that one.

    The point is, pay-per-views are supposed to have some suspense to them. They are supposed to entice us, make us want more and most importantly, make us rush out to buy the next live event that can only be seen on a Sunday night at a television near you.

    WrestleMania 29 is gearing up to be a solid (if not spectacular) event with matches that we all hope will top last year's trip to Miami. This time, the weather may be cold, the winds may pick up and we may see wrestlers come to the ring in parkas instead of seeing South Beach babes in bikinis.

    There is still room for improvement, and there is certainly room for us to be moved and left in that same awe we felt from events of the past.

    Here are some things that could happen to help make that a reality.

Batista Could Make an Appearance

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    It was recently reported that Dave Batista will appear in the new science fiction movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Wouldn't that call for him to make an appearance at WrestleMania 29?

    Think about it. The Miz is in the The Marine 3: Homefront. The Rock is in G.I. Joe: RetaliationRandy Orton has been in movies. John Cena and Big Show have gone big time.

    Even Wade Barrett is in Dead Man Down and David Otunga is in The Call.

    Looks like the WWE is more interested in its wrestlers being on the big screen rather than performing in the wrestling ring.

    Having Batista there to shine his bling and pimp his role seems like a natural fit.

Ric Flair Turns His Back on The Miz

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    It looks like Wade Barrett and The Miz will be battling for the Intercontinental Title, which means we will get to see "The Nature Boy" by the side of the "Awesome One."

    Personally, I like the fit, but I know a mean, traitorous heel Flair is better than the one that looks syrupy sweet on camera.

    Will he make the change? Will he do what he has done so many times before, claiming to change his ways before turning his back on Sting, Fortune, etc?

    If he were to cost Miz the match, it would make a more interesting angle between the two.

The Return of Sable

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    Brock Lesnar faces Triple H again. In the first confrontation between the two, we saw Stephanie McMahon have some fun slapping Paul Heyman around.

    I doubt seriously that Sable would be slapping Triple H or the two wives of the participants would be confronting each other. But for the sake of "fairness" and for the sake of my own personal reasons, could we PLEASE make this happen.

    I don't think myself or the WWE faithful are asking for much.

AJ Lee Returns to Power

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    I see the WWE working this angle. While I was naive to its rocky motion, now it makes sense. Here is how AJ Lee becomes the power player again in the company.

    She challenged Kane and Daniel Bryan to a match for the tag titles with her clients, Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. I see the two taking the titles from the champs. 

    Then, what if Ziggler cashes in on an embattled and beaten Alberto Del Rio after he beats Jack Swagger to win the World Heavyweight Titles? Hmm. Two titles in one night for the crazy woman.

    And what if, after the dust settles, Kaitlyn and AJ feud over the Divas' Title, which Lee wins on Raw over the course of the next few weeks?

    Wow. If the math is right, that is three titles for the woman we all thought the WWE had forgotten about.

Kane Causes Undertaker to Lose

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    In a string of events that could lead to the inevitable heel turn for Kane, this is a scenario I could see playing out.

    And it would also lead to Kane and The Undertaker meeting at WrestleMania 30 in The Undertaker's last match.

    The greatest thing about CM Punk is that he plays mind games as well as anyone and may be the one wrestler who can get under Kane and Undertaker's skin. Add that to the fact he has the infamous urn and it makes for a great twist.

    What if Kane does in fact dominate 'Taker and Punk is there to get the pin and end the streak? Then the WWE has created something huge. And of course, we all know Punk will take all the credit for it.