Art Imitating Life, Part 2

Will HowardCorrespondent IApril 17, 2009

The second round of my series in the anthropological study of the WWE, focuses on the future, and the ever existent brother/brother co-existence.


First the story of John Morrison/Johnny Nitro.

This is the story of the kid everyone knew would succeed. The kid everyone was jealous of because he had the natural looks, talent, and charisma to succeed at pretty much anything he wanted to do.

He's the jock guy who gets the girl, and has few barriers or limitations. Because you might hate his attitude sometimes, you love the potential he has to do good for you.

He was born John Hennigan, went to UC Davis for geology of all things, and film. Succeeded to some extent there, decided he wanted to wrestle, so he went to SPW to train and eventually made it onto the show Tough Enough, where along with Matt Cappotelli.

His revolving door of gimmicks started with Johnny Blaze, then onto Johnny Spade, and finally in an attempt to draw Raw GM Eric Bischoff's attention, Johnny Nitro.

He became Bischoff's apprentice and assistant.

After a departure from television he was reintroduced as a part of the photogenic super-group MNM, or Mercury-(Adam Birch, aka Joey Mercury) Nitro, and Melina Perez, Hennigan's long time girlfriend.

The team achieved great success in the tag division. 3 times he and Mercury wore tag team gold until he turned on Mercury and went to the Raw brand.

On the Raw brand he achieved success by capturing the Intercontinental championship on two occasions. After a short stint in the land of mediocrity, he was traded to ECW.

In ECW he was used as a fill in for Chris Benoit and captured the ECW title in a match over CM Punk. His name was officially changed to John Morrison. After a violation of the WWE's wellness policy, he began teaming with the Miz.

While with the Miz, he achieved winning both the WWE, and World tag team titles, as well as the Slammy for Tag Team of the year, and for their online column, the "Dirt Sheet."

Now that he's back in single action, Morrison looks to continue on with his Manifest Destiny to acquire any and all gold he feels the need to.

Side-note: Just reading this makes me like him a little bit less, and I'm a big Morrison supporter.

The next study focuses on the Older brother/Younger brother sibling rivalry.

I have two younger brothers myself, so this is something from experience. The older brother always has to set the bar, and most often the family pushes the older brother to set the bar so high that they have to help the younger one succeed, often times leading to coddling or spoiling of the younger one to get them motivated.

Often times jealous feeling, resentment, or other tainted feelings arise from the treatment of the younger sibling and the feeling of neglect the older one often feels.

The older one is held to a higher standard and the younger one is left to meander through life, never having to take responsibility for his actions.

Enter the "Black Cloud" Matt Hardy, and punch drunk Jeff Hardy.

Matt to my knowledge and research has never had a DUI, been arrested, been suspended for violation of the wellness policy, and was even a year into an engineering degree. Jeff, not so much.

Where to start with Jeff. In 2003 he was released by the WWE for erratic behavior, drug usage, refusal to attend rehab, tardiness, and no showing events, and for his ring skills being severely compromised by drug use.

In TNA he was busted for no showing events as well.

In March of 2008, Jeff was busted for his second violation of the wellness policy in the WWE.

Yet, after all this, Jeff gets the big push, and the WWE Championship. albeit Matt was the ECW champion, let's face it, he was only keeping it warm for Jack Swagger.

This is sibling rivalry at it's best. Matt is the better athlete, person, and potential role model, yet Jeff is more extreme and fun to watch so he gets what Matt should have.

Ultimately, Matt should succeed, but in the WWE's eyes. Jeff probably wins at Backlash.


So what do you think?