The 10 Least Popular MMA Practitioners

Jason CottierAnalyst IApril 17, 2009

CHICAGO- OCTOBER 25:  People attend the UFC 90 at UFC's Ultimate Fight Night at Allstate Arena on October 25, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Every good guy has to have a bad guy. Just like a popular fighter is a draw on a Pay Per View, these bad guys are also a draw. We watch our favorites to see them win and we watch these guys to see them lose.


10. Chris Leben

Chris Leben was the original drunken fool in the TUF house. Whether it was his recent antics that people are hating or just the drunken sobbing he was doing when we first saw him he is still hated.


9. Gilbert Yvel

The first time I remember taking note of Gilbert Yvel was him damn near kicking Big Daddy's head off his shoulders with a first round knock out. I started liking the guy at first. He was a little strange with his showing off of his pierced tongue, like he was the only one to have his tongue pierced.

Then Gilbert started switching into complete idiot mode and is known now for attacking officials. The referee was not the one punching you in the face dude. Maybe he promised someone he would win the fight, and when it did not quite shape up for him that way he decided to make it into the I didn't say which fight scenario.


8. Karo Parisyan

Karo burst onto the scene looking like a promising young fighter that would one day be a champion. Then Karo began bragging about how great his judo throws were, and singing stupid songs after the fights.

His appearance in the TUF house where he demanded the respect of everyone in the house by screaming, "shut up I am going to say something."  Karo is truly a jackass, and honestly he needs to realize that he did not live up to the hype, and he is a gate keeper at best.


7. Sean Sherk

Whether it is because of the juicing, or the lay and pray, Sean Sherk belongs on this list.


6. Brock Lesnar

The next big thing...the guy that is such a jackass that he thought it would be a good idea to try and ride his opponent like a bull...maybe he just watched Brokeback Mountain or something.

The moment in my mind that sticks out when thinking of how much I dislike this guy is Brock pointing his finger in Heath Herring's face and laughing like a fifth grader that just took his lunch money.


5. Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is the fighter that did not earn the attention he got. He did fight a good fight against Rashad, but being competitive will not win the fight. I have heard that he says he thought he lost two of the three rounds against Hamill, but then I remember him saying before the Rashad fight that he has never been beaten. 

I also remember his tantrum that he was starting to throw when the crowd started booing him after the heist took place against Matt Hamill.


4. Chuck Liddell

I was the biggest Chuck Liddell fan...all the way up to the Tito Ortiz fight. On the UFC special to draw interest for the fight Tito told about how Chuck was his good friend, and stayed at his house. Chuck should have gotten his own room, because the fact that he stayed on the couch, ate Tito's food, and was treated like a member of his family did not mean that they were friends in Chuck's mind. Then with his book bragging about how big of a stud he was; like a high schooler that had to brag himself up to his buddies.  His cockiness, and push by Dana to be the face of MMA is just too much.  


3. Ken Shamrock

Ken is a highly intelligent completely evolved fighter. No not really...the first time I heard this guy talk I was like, "what an idiot." I remember renting the first UFC video over and over again just to watch him get tapped out by Royce Gracie.

The only reason Ken was ever a force is that he was one of the first well rounded fighters. Any of the fighters now would have destroyed him back then. I don't think that Ken is really too old to be fighting.  He is still in great shape, but he never really was that good to begin with going by today's standard.


2. Tim Sylvia

Tim is a big goon. He just comes across as one of those guys that would beat up on everyone smaller than him in school. He has become a joke lately, and it is sad that the UFC has to be disgraced with him being the heavyweight champion at one point.


1. Matt Hughes

I was very happy to see Matt Hughes on so many people's hated list. I have always thought Matt was a jerk, and I am glad to see that everyone else sees that too.  Whether he is making racial comments to other fighters, or showing off his autograph on white supremacist clothing Matt Hughes is always finding a way to piss everyone off.