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RangersMedia .co.ukCorrespondent IApril 17, 2009

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 22:  Allan McGrtegor of Rangers stretches for a ball during a team training session at Murray Park ahead of their Champions League, Group E match against Barcelona October 22, in Glasgow, Scotland.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)


It seems appropriate in the week of the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, that’s if you’re a Christian, personally I have only ever worshipped at the church of Laudrup, that our one-time saviour, Ma Baw Ferguson, looks set to make his return to the Rangers squad.

Despite having proclaimed less than two weeks earlier to the baying pack of journalists that Ma Baw and his disciple Shagger would never again kick a ball in anger for the Gers, Walter Smith admitted there would be a way back for our fallen idols.

Thus proving our very own tale of resurrection could come to pass at the appropriately entitled Easter Road on Sunday (you couldn’t make this up).

This week Smith opened the door for their comeback by inviting them back to the squad and quite rightly cast down upon the SFA. At a press conference this week, Smith said unto them that although the players were entirely to blame for their own stupidity, it should have been handled much better by the top brass.

He did sayeth: “The SFA have made me think a wee bit about the actions I had already taken against the players. Albeit I didn’t say publicly they wouldn’t play again, I did say that off the record. I accept I was wrong there.

“I made the decision to act because I felt that what they did was a poor reflection of Rangers Football Club overall. But if there is a wee bit of a problem, it’s with the perception that they will not play for Rangers again, and I admit my part in that.

"I just feel that overall, if the initial situation and the subsequent parts had been handled better, the whole thing might not have happened.

"That does not necessarily mean they have to play and there's nothing automatic there. After being out for a fortnight, we have to take that into consideration in the short term. That gives me the right to change my mind and all I'm doing is making them available for selection."

That looked a less than likely outcome not so long ago when Judas (aka Scott Brown) led his two so-called mates into the lions den, allowing Herod (the Daily Rebel’s twisted Keith Jackson) and his Rebel Alliance free reign to nail Ma Baw and Shagger to the cross while Brown walked off Scott free. (I’ll get my coat!)

The whole sorry mess leaves a bitter taste in the mouth though and if Ma Baw felt he had it rough on his return from Blackburn, then he might find his third coming a bridge too far for the Gers faithful.


One comeback the Bear Essentials was delighted to see was that of Stevie Smith’s Rangers career at Ibrox last Saturday.

With Sasa Papac injured, it seemed the perfect opportunity for the left back to make his return in the 3-1 victory over Mark McGhee’s Young Bhoys of Motherwell…err…at left midfield? So Rangers lined up with a right back at left back, a left back at left midfield and a old dumplin’ at right back!

A team selection so baffling even Alex McLeish was confused. “Is Namouchi injured?” he asked.

Nonetheless Stevie put in a solid display in his first top team appearance in just under a year and even provided the cross for Velicka’s (yes, really) opening goal. Like many I thought he had played his last game in a Rangers shirt following his horrendous bad luck with injury and illness. Hopefully he’ll feature much more regularly in the future.

All the best Stevie!


One of Ma Baw’s disciples who has been making it good since the Messiah’s absence is Krissy Krissy Boyd. The man some Gers “fans” love to make the scapegoat, fired his third and most spectacular goal of the past three games against Well, beating the Steelmen’s custodian from fully 30 yards.

Not only that but Boyd put in a tremendous shift in the match, winning his fair share of headers and even linking up play with the midfield, causing Ally McCoist to gush that it was his best performance for Rangers since Ally and uncle Walter came home.

Boydy has undoubtedly made an effort to improve his overall game and perhaps the manager’s actions against his mate Ma Baw has been the wake up call he badly needed. Whatever the case, he is now just one goal shy of his 100th goal for the club. Fate is setting it up nicely for him to hit the ton against the vermin next month. Maybe that would silence his critics for good. It’s a beautiful dream.


At last they’ve only gone and done it. The SPL have actually made a decision without pandering to the needs of the vermin.

While you all take a moment to digest that information I’ll go get a beer.

Recovered? Good. The final all crucial Old Firm match of the season will take place on May 9 meaning that Madjid Bougherra will be available to play after all, after having served his one match suspension. Boughie has only faced the vermin once this season, that glorious August afternoon when a Thomson and Mendes inspired Rangers played them off the park in a 4-2 spanking.

What makes the news all the sweeter is the Daily Rebel’s story about their fans fury over the announcement which meant that Bougherra would be available but Scott Brown wouldn’t. Apparently vermin fans’ chief Peter Rafferty is upset that the SPL have handed Rangers an advantage in the title race.

Where was Mr Rafferty when the very same SPL were forcing Rangers to play 7 games in just 19 days at the end of last season, including a UEFA Cup final? Oh that’s right, he was sitting rubbing his hands gleefully along with the rest of the unemployed motley crue.

The fact is if Scott Brown didn’t run about a football pitch like a chibbed up ned after you’ve stolen his Burberry cap then he would be available to play.

And maybe the police wouldn’t have objected to the match being scheduled for the first fixture after the split, the May Day bank holiday weekend when Bougherra would also have been suspended, had the very supporters Rafferty represents not caused havoc the last time an Old Firm match was played then.

What goes around comes around Rafferty. You’ve had you’re time. Ours is now.

We Are The People.


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