FIU's New Court Design Is Bright and Audacious, but No Day at the Beach

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 22, 2013

Photo Credit: FIU (via The Huffington Post)
Photo Credit: FIU (via The Huffington Post)

Florida International University is bringing the beach to its home basketball court. 

The Huffington Post reports the final winning bid to adorn the FIU hardwood next season will be this beach setting, because the Miami-area university is near the beach. Get it?

Athletic Director Pete Garcia told HuffPost Thursday that he came up with the idea to attract recruits, provide a homecourt advantage and make money—the school is getting a sponsor to pay for it. FIU is negotiating with a painting contractor now, and Garcia said the job should be completed for less than $1 million.

As noted in the article, Yahoo! Sports had earlier reported that FIU was kicking around various designs that coach Richard Pitino did well to tweet to students and fans. 

First, there was this design, which would be phenomenal only on a beach towel. 

Then, this similar design inevitably won the hearts and minds of the officials in power. 

Why stop there? Let's make sure all drinks at the arena have those little umbrellas in them, including beer. And every guy has to wear board shorts to the games, except for that one European exchange student who will of course come in a Speedo and make it awkward for everyone. 

In all seriousness, this is a horrible idea. 

Some of you might look at that court mockup sitting on your computer screen and think: that doesn't look half bad. But while it may look great as a graphic, beach decor never goes over well indoors.

Beach: awesome and truly captivating landscape.

Beach decor: tacky interior design only suited for "beach night" at a local fraternity. 

Some of you with tiki torches in your living rooms might protest, but you're all wrong. 

Lastly, with the beach setting, that menacing panther now looks like some mischievous seductress—not really the look you should go for with a mascot. Why not add a tropical drink in one paw and a bottle of sunscreen in the other? 

Just like the recent explosion of uniform options within college football and basketball, this court-designing trend came from Nike-fueled Oregon. The Ducks redesigned their floor to include the outlines of a dense forest.  

Regardless of how the general public feels about this recent trend, I'm sure FIU fans will love it, and that's really all that matters.

Like guys who wear cabana shirts or jean shorts, you're fighting a losing battle with the fashion police, but at least you have your own style.