The Eight Most Annoying Rules (or Lack Thereof) in Sports

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The Eight Most Annoying Rules (or Lack Thereof) in Sports
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After eleven years, the Tuck Rule is finally no more.

Rulebooks, as is true in the real world outside of sports, aren't perfect.

The NFL recognizes this constantly. Just yesterday, owners voted to delete the “tuck rule” from their official rules, putting a line under one of the most controversial calls in NFL history. Unlike almost every other controversial call, however, the “tuck rule play” was called correctly.

The call was correct. The rule that forced the refs to make that call, most fans agree, was pretty stupid. Worked out well for Patriots fans, but, let's face it, even if a die-hard Patriots fan were re-writing the NFL rules, they wouldn't have thought to include the tuck rule.

It's a stupid rule.

Baseball also eliminated an annoying habit that its players had.

This year, the league will be better for it. Pitchers can no longer fake a throw to third, turn around, and throw the ball to first base. This is good, because a baseball fan could watch several seasons' worth of games without seeing that move succeed.

The fake-to-third move isn't a move, it's a statement.

The pitcher was telling you, the audience, that he was entirely incapable of having the runner thrown out in an attempted steal, so his only chance of keeping the runner at first is to try to catch him having a conversation with the first baseman.

Nobody will watch a ballgame this year and miss that move.

Anyway, it all brings to mind a set of practices and rules throughout sports that bother fans. Here are eight that come to mind.

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