Kobe Bryant Needs LeBron James

dexterjames cavadaContributor IApril 17, 2009

It is debatable who the best player in the NBA today is.

I personally think that title should go to Kobe Bryant. A three-time NBA champ, the reigning MVP, the man who scored 81 points.

I can go on and on, but this is just my opinion.

What I'm trying to say is that Kobe is destined for greatness, but he needs the best opponents to become the best maybe of all time.

Look at Jordan. He is undoubtedly the best player in his time, but who was there to match his skills? Malone? Drexler? Barkley? No one even comes close to his greatness.

If only Kobe was there to go toe to toe with Jordan in his prime. That would be something only us the fans would be the winners, we could have seen the greatest games ever.

Not to take anything from LeBron. I personally think he is the best athlete in the NBA today—his basketball skills blow me away.

Lebron's game has improved. The good news is he's still very young. And as for Kobe, he may have another good five or seven years of proving that he is No. 1.

And luckily for him, he has LeBron.

Just look at this this way: In the movie Troy, Brad Pitt plays Achilles. He is destined for greatness, but he still needs Hector to prove that he is great.

A few years from know, when LeBron will take his game seriously and makes a run to be the best, I hope that Kobe will still be in his prime to stop his onslaught. But for now, it's Kobe's time to prove himself—not to us, but to himself—that he is the best player today.

And he needs the best to be the best. History remembers Jordan as the best, but Larry Bird is remembered alongside Magic Johnson because of their rivalry. It would be up to LeBron and Kobe to bring back the prestige in the NBA.