Remembering a Decade In U.S. Professional Sports: I'd Love Input, B/R

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Remembering a Decade In U.S. Professional Sports: I'd Love Input, B/R
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As we near the end of another great decade in professional sports, partly because I am running low on ideas for things to write about, I have shifted my attention towards the past nine years in reflection.

The 90's spoiled me as a sports fan, with championship after championship coming at such a young age. Not that my teams haven't had success this decade, because they certainly have, but the failures my teams have also had have shaped me into a better and more appreciative sports fan.

There has been countless amount of memorable moments outside of the four professional sports teams I root for passionately.

So many that I couldn't possibly do justice to the time with a single article. Things as simple as watching a team celebrate after the final out or as the final second ticks off the clock in a Championship can get me choked up. (Even if it's a Philadelphia sports team doing the celebrating.)

It's a snapshot of sports in their purest moments, where money is temporarily forgotten and you see the child-like joy in grown men.

I will begin working on a series of articles that will honor the great moments and achievements in sports. These obviously cannot be published for some time because...well, because 2009 has not passed.

I have compiled my first list—the top 10 postseason comebacks.

This will be published after the World Series and will be edited if I see any great comebacks in between now and then that I believe deserve a spot, but the list is set for now.

What I would appreciate feedback on, Bleacher Report, is what other topics I should include.

Obviously "best teams", "best games", "best coaches", "best performances", and "best athletes" deserve a mention, but are there any other suggestions?

I would love to do justice to the decade with this series and any input would be appreciated.

I thank you for reading.

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