Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania Will Steal the Show

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 20, 2013

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At WrestleMania 29 on April 7, expect Brock Lesnar and Triple H to churn out the highlight of the card in their “No Holds Barred” match.

This isn't just wishful thinking. Indeed, there are a few reasons to expect Lesnar vs. Triple H to steal the show at the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

First of all, it remains to be seen whether the card’s other top matches—The Rock vs. John Cena and CM Punk vs. The Undertaker—can live up to expectations. 

While Rock’s charisma and promo skills are as dazzling as ever, his ring work has left a lot to be desired. As his two (mildly disappointing) pay-per-view matches with Punk made clear, “The Great One” is facing cardio issues. 

He’s not Khali-levels of awful or anything, but he probably won’t be churning out any classic matches any time soon.

Throw in the fact that Cena isn’t really capable of carrying him, and it seems their bout at WrestleMania won’t live up to expectations—plus, their match last year was also rather slow and plodding.

It’ll be a spectacle, for sure, but a wrestling highlight?

Very doubtful.

CM Punk vs. Undertaker probably won’t be anything spectacular, either.

As Punk’s horrendous promo on Monday night’s Raw illustrated, this program is shaping up to be woefully disappointing, and it's not just the abysmal material. No one really believes Punk can end the streak and, considering Taker’s ailing physical condition, the bout won’t be stellar.  

But even taking out the glaring deficiencies of the other two main events, Lesnar vs. Triple H stands out on its own as a must-see main event. 

Come on, who doesn’t believe that these two hate other?

Their brutal and blood-filled brawls have helped establish this is as the best grudge feud in years.

It’s also very believable. We can easily buy that Triple H is out to defend his family’s honor—Lesnar viciously assaulted his father-in-law, after all. 

For his part, Lesnar plays the anti-corporate, out-of-control rebel to perfection. The man truly is a human wrecking machine, capable of provoking excitement and fear whenever his music hits and he storms out to the ring.

Credit should also go to Paul Heyman for his fantastic mic work.

Lesnar isn’t a great talker, but Heyman has helped carry the act. In particular, his ability to irritate and rile up Triple H—as seen near the end of Monday night’s Raw—is a joy to watch.

The stakes in Lesnar vs. Triple H are also high.

Triple H's career will be on the line. Per the rules, he’ll be forced to retire for good if he loses.

The match is also aided by the uncertainty surrounding it. The results of Cena vs. Rock and Punk vs. Undertaker seem like foregone conclusions. Who will win in this bout, however, is a lot more uncertain.

Sure, after losing to Lesnar and having his arm broken, Triple H is due for some revenge, and a clean win would provide a nice, happy ending for this long-running angle. But Lesnar is on such a roll right now as a monster heel, it’s difficult to imagine him losing.

For this reason alone, it’s the most compelling match on the card.

Okay, so at WrestleMania, Rock vs. Cena will undoubtedly be the main event. The show has been marketed that way, and it is clearly what WWE is relying on to pop the buyrate.

But don’t be too surprised if the true show-stealer turns out to be the tale of the loyal, aging company man defending his family’s business from the unruly, dangerous outsider. Promos, in-ring action and great storyline development—Triple H vs. Lesnar truly has it all.