The Four Superstars That Keep the WWE a Great Experience

Jared BarnesCorrespondent IApril 17, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Shelton Benjamin puts CM Punk into a headlock during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

I have written just one article for the wrestling section because I have not had much to say with what has been going on in the WWE.

I don't want to write a gloomy forecast for our beloved World Wrestling Entertainment or dismiss all of its current inner workings. Nor shall I say I am tired of the insipid weekly broadcasts. 

What good would this do me or you?

You see instead, I will highlight four WWE superstars who make the WWE something to watch week in and week out. Because of these four workers I sit and watch all three shows every week.

There is more than these four, but these are the few who excite me and probably some of you the most. 

I take all things into account. On-screen persona and in-ring ability being the front runners for a successful performer. I like innovation and creative counters and seeing new things. 

Let's begin. 


Jack Swagger

I have yet to see the "All-American American" look bad in the ring. He can make boring performers look interesting. He mixes it up with every match. On Raw, this past week he took on John Cena who for all his charisma, flat lines in the ring.

Sure the little kids who rock their various Cena shirts mark out hard to him. And let's be honest the reason why the WWE gives so much air time to the likes of Cena and HHH is because the tikes in the audience will get their parents to buy them a plethora of wrestling-related products. That's at least the only conclusion I have come to.

Swagger and Cena put on a great match on Raw. It was the best match I had seen on Monday night for some time. I nearly flat lined, myself because of this great match that involved the most used and overrated WWE performer.

The match was great because of how well Swagger and Cena worked together. Swagger works every match the same with his counterpart. He just knows how to put on a great match no matter who the WWE puts in front of him. 

Swagger also has a nice heel whiny appeal to him. He's so cocky which works great in any heel but becomes a baby when someone like Hornswoggle bother him. Not many heels win matches without the use of dirty tactics.

Jack plays fair ball for the most part. It is a breathe of fresh air to have the heel perform at a high enough level to not have to force his wins. 

I have a high hope for "Swagga" and optimism that he continues down this well crafted path the WWE has built for him. 


"The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin

The only other article I have written for this section was about Shelton. I love this guy. I could care less about most naysayers talking about his mic skills. How can one develop mic skills without a mic? 

He is a rare talent. 

Mic skills can be taught about as easily as a teen can create drama in their lives. It just takes a little effort. You ever notice how celebrities go onto talk shows and 95% of the time are interesting and have plenty to say? How well they speak?

This is because they have been taught. If 95 percent of them can learn how to approach a mic, then so can Shelton. Back him up with a good writer and the little gold stamped embryo becomes a full fledged super star. 

Shelton's true color is fully bright when in the ring. He unlike Swagger can't carry anyone and needs to have a partner who can walk first. But so do almost anyone on the roster. Any MITB match proves how crazy this guy can be.

On Smackdown a few months ago, he and Undertaker put on some great matches. Taker is a much older and slower guy, but the two brought out the best in one another. 

I fear Shelton may never reach gold, but here is to a pipe dream.


John Morrison

John is currently the most innovative wrestler on the WWE roster. He never puts on a dull show and is just fun to watch. He is every bit as athletic as he is charismatic.

This past week on ECW his spot as my favorite wrestler was cemented as he took on Evan Bourne. The match was so great it had an air of PPV on it. If only they could feud and continue what they started. 

Miz in a lot of people's eyes is a lame duck. But Miz is just made to look worse because he was partnered with someone who was so much better.

The dirt sheet proved that Morrison is funny. The Rock was great on the mic because he could make us laugh. John Cena is good on the mic because he can make us laugh. John Morrison is in between the two of them.

Cocky is good to have in any heel, and John Morrison plays it well with his slow-motion hair blowing in the wind to him talking so often about his abs which look like a turtles carapace.

John has the athletic ability of a young HBK and the looks the WWE covet. I could ask any of you if you dislike the guy but how could you? He goes on an puts on a show every time and gives the fans what they want to see. 

I think we can all agree this guy is going places and will be in the title hunt sooner than later. I doubt J Mo will be waiting around like Shelton has for so long. Breaking up MnM2 is a step in the right direction. 



Who saw this one coming? 

You see I love Maryse. I think with the exception of maybe Randy Orton no one plays their character as well as Maryse. I often wonder if this girl really is as stuck up as she plays. I know she isn't, but she is so good at it. With every hair flip or hand swing I fall more in love with her. 

Is the point of the divas not to love them as well as be entertained by them?

Maryse does that. She is beautiful and talented.

Most divas matches are a bit hard to watch because of how poorly moves are executed or performed. And although Maryse isn't the most gifted in ring diva she keeps things interesting. I have seen her do a new move in almost every match.

So much so I hope to see them again. Her hair flip ddt on Malina a month back on Raw was great and has been used since to great results.

Her French TKO is the best diva finisher in my opinion. Like HBK's sweet chin music it is believable enough to me to actually be capable of knocking someone out.

Her mic skills are at their worst funny. She makes me laugh every time because of her boastfulness. And who doesn't love a woman with an accent?

Vince and WWE brass are very high on Maryse I have read and I could not be more happy. She is about to get into a feud with Beth. I for once am looking forward to a diva story line. 

Phew, seemed to get away from me a little there. Hope you are still reading. Comments very welcomed. Thanks for reading. 


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