Steve Nash Attends Rich Kid's Bar Mitzvah in Los Angeles

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 20, 2013

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Who doesn’t want a 39-year-old professional basketball player in the room when they first become a man?

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash was sighted at a Bar Mitzvah in Los Angeles last weekend, and well, eyebrows were raised.

What exactly was this man doing here?  

Are the Lakers so desperate to make the playoffs that they've begun trying to siphon the good fortune off local religious rites? Was Kobe there? Did he tell the kid to “pray through the pain?"

Unfortunately, no. The answer is much less awesome.

According to TMZ, Nash is a family friend of Jeffrey Feinberg, a wealthy hedge fund manager whose 13-year-old son Mike had his big coming-of-age ceremony this weekend.

Jeffrey is a basketball nut, who apparently played around with the idea of buying partial ownership of the Brooklyn Nets in 2009. Also, Jeffrey’s wife Stacy has the distinction of being the daughter of Bob Woolf—the sports agent who managed the likes of Larry Bird, Doug Flutie and John Havlicek. 

Regardless of who knows who, this image of Nash holding the Torah scrolls is Grade-A, long-cut amazing. “Uncomfortable” doesn’t even begin to encapsulate the quasi-constipated look on his face.

Money and connections cannot buy happiness, everyone. But it can get Steve Nash to RSVP to your son’s Bar Mitzvah. And once he gets there, just shove the holy scrolls in his hands and tell him to sit up front.

What better way to show your son that stuff just got real than the steely eyes of an NBA superstar staring down at him on his big day?

Tweeting Hebrew at Nash. He hasn’t responded. Dr__Carson