Bracketography: The Road to the Final Four for All 68 NCAA Tournament Teams

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Bracketography: The Road to the Final Four for All 68 NCAA Tournament Teams

The NCAA tournament isn't just a series of games to determine college basketball's national champion. The NCAA tournament is a journey back and forth across this nation for three weeks, with all roads either leading back home or to Atlanta for the Final Four. 

The season has been a long and winding road for all 68 tournament participants, with only four continuing their treks all the way to the Georgia Dome. 

How long will the road last for each team in the tournament? Seriously, how long in actual miles?

We sought to find out, chronicling each team's road to the Final Four in actual driving miles.

Travel has become a big issue in the NCAA tournament, so much that the committee changed the way teams are placed for the first weekend to give fans a better chance to see their teams play live.

The coaches care about the travel too. Before the bracket was announced, Georgetown coach John Thompson III told CBS, "Oh, it's a very big deal how far we travel," while Indiana coach Tom Crean said, "I would hope we'd be able to stay as close to home as possible so our guys can miss that little of school as possible."

Yeah, coach. That's why. 

Regardless of the reasons, playing close to home is a big deal for tournament teams. As you will see throughout this piece, we recorded every team's potential trip between its home arena and its site for each round of the NCAA tournament in the case any of the 68 teams make it all the way to Atlanta.

The distances and maps were created using Google Maps. While the distances to the second/third-round and regional sites shown on the subsequent pages are one-way mileage, the total "Road to the Final Four" distance accounts for trips back to campus between game weekends.

Last, you will notice a link for each team on the "Road to the Final Four." That link will take you to a specific map for each team, showing road by country road how to get from here to the Final Four. (For the really big map, nerds, here's a link to the spreadsheet.)

Come along for a pretty interesting ride…

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