WWE News: Heel Turn Rumored for 2 Big Names

Gone Baby GoneContributerMarch 19, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Well, we are just three weeks away from WrestleMania 29 and two of WWE's top stars are being rumored for heel turns.

The good news is that both of these men are in dire need of a character overhaul.

One has played the heel role before and has done it well, while the other will be exploring a new side of himself.

According to SEScoops.com:

There has been some talk of finally turning Randy Orton" href="http://www.sescoops.com/tag/randy-orton/">Randy Orton heel at WrestleMania 29. The Shield is also expected to go over Orton, Big Show and Sheamus in their 6-man tag match.

Another superstar that could be turning heel is Kofi Kingston. Kofi has been a baby face for his entire WWE career since his debut in 2007, but there’s a feeling that his character needs to be freshened up.

Obviously, Orton has proven himself to be a better heel than face. The fact is, Orton's baby-face persona is very stale and has proven to be detrimental to his career. Since becoming a fan favorite, Orton has found himself in upper mid-card hell and has not really received any push of substance.

My only hope is that the company doesn't align Orton with The Shield. A move like that could bury the heel faction and take away any progress they've made establishing themselves as a rogue group.

Now on to Kofi Kingston. To me, this could give the career mid-carder a chance to move to the next level. Ultimately, Kingston's persona has been very bland and is lacking some edge. Let's not forget; it has been close to four years since we saw any real fire from Kofi.

In 2009, Kingston was involved in a heated feud with Randy Orton and seemingly lost his push overnight. During that feud, he showed fans that he had some passion and wasn't just a happy-go-lucky wrestler.

In short, the WWE has a real chance at freshening up its main event scene if it goes through with these changes. However, these are just rumors and we will have to wait and see what happens with both of these stars.