WrestleMania 29: Re-Signing Divas Does Not Help Strengthen the Division

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIMarch 21, 2013


Admittedly, I was excited when I saw the Bella Twins back on Monday Night Raw two weeks ago. Honestly, however, my reasons for wanting the beautiful brunettes back in the WWE had nothing to do with their wrestling abilities.

I would be lying if I said I did not want to see Candice Michelle, Ashley Massaro, Kelly Kelly and Maryse back on television full-time. But again, my reasons are selfish and not because I think either one of them could become the next Trish Stratus or Judy Grable.

The WWE is in a situation where the Divas Division is not sinking, but it is floundering. Losses in the division like Kelly Kelly, Eve, Kharma and Beth Phoenix have left the company scratching its head and searching for answers to missing links that could make the Divas more intriguing than just another sexy body.

If the Divas were more show than athleticism before they left, what makes us think Divas like the Bella Twins got a crash course in how to really wrestle and sell a match? These women aren't Stratus and Lita, giving it their all in the ring and leaving the fans in the WWE Universe wanting more of the match as much as they want the sex appeal and the glamour.

This follows the same lines the WWE has been criticized for with bringing back stars who are older, and admittedly less exciting, than they were before they hung up their boots.

Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and, yes, The Rock all have made appearances in the WWE this year, but their setting up shop night after night in arenas across the country hasn't meant everything is well within the ranks of the men in the locker room.

For months last year, TNA got it right when the company took the time to make the Knockouts Division a major part of the programming. Stars like Gail Kim, ODB, Madison Rayne and my favorite, Velvet Sky, all proved they could wrestle. They also had better competition and 10-12 females who could put together a great program night after night.

The WWE cannot lay claim to this.

If the company were smart, it would build around Tamina and Kaitlyn and go from there. Improve the matches with solid competitors like Layla, the Bella Twins (now that they are signed) and Alicia Fox. If there are talents who would like a shot at coming into the company, like Sarita or Rosita, then bring them in.

The idea is to stay away from the concepts that have doomed the men's division for some time.

And please make sure AJ Lee and Natalya actually show off their talents.

This is a process that shows growth and that the WWE cares about its female division, not just about parading them about as objects instead of the athletes they should be treated like.