How the WWE Could Make the Draft Interesting Again

Ste EccCorrespondent IApril 16, 2009

I don't think anyone is under any illusions about the WWE Draft. It's not random, as a recent article by our resident brainiac showed with some mathematical facts.

The fact is, the draft quite clearly isn't random, and yet it is still billed as such which seems a little absurd.

It got me thinking about new ways the WWE could get the picks they want, while keeping an element of surprise and anticipation in it. In my opinion, in the form that they do it, they still have a certain number of options to do what they promise, and shake it up!

Option one: The obvious one...the actual random draft.

The problem with this is that WWE would have absolutely no control over it, and while that is random and could be interesting, it might also be absolute crap.

Can you imagine a three hour episode of Raw where the biggest move is Jamie Noble? It'd be unlikely, but possible, hence why the WWE will never go for the all out random draft.

Option two: What they do now.

Make the changes they want by having the right people win the matches on the show, and then moving the superstars around to fit in with their storylines.

No changes, and the WWE gets what they want, while us fans are left just a little underwhelmed by the "excitement" of the show.

Option three: Have the general manager come out and make a pick.

This way, at least there's no pretense of it being random. The GM of the brand whose star wins the match comes out and picks out a superstar from another brand.

The only problem is the weird possibility that, say, Tiffany decides that instead of picking a top star such as Cena or Orton while she's losing superstars left and right, she decides that a good addition to ECW at this time would be Vladimir Koslov.

Option four: My own solution that covers all the best bits of the previous three.

What I think they could do, after the match is over, the winning GM comes out to make their pick. Sound familiar?

Now here's the difference, instead of just picking a superstar, they are allowed to pick a group of about four superstars that they would like to have on their brand.

These four go into a genuine random draft, with one moving to the GM's brand. The other three become ineligible from being picked again by that GM.

Here's an example. Say Raw wins the first pick, Vickie heads out to make her picks. Now she has a dilemma, she wants both Edge and Big Show in her brand.Does she only pick one in her group of four and hope for the best?

Or does she pick both and hope she gets at least one of them?

Now, to steal a little mathematical connection idea from Jev, the first choice would give her a one in four chance of getting each, but a one in 16 chance of getting both. The second choice would give her a much better, one in two chance of getting one, but no chance of getting both.

Immediately the draft is a little more interesting, as we now have little storyline effects that could possibly become involved.

The flip-side is that we immediately, before the draft is even made, know that one of four people will be moving to a certain brand. I think this could be a good thing though. 

Here's another example to further explain what I mean.

Let's assume that it's Smackdown's pick. "Holla playas! Now, I have decided that Smackdown is in need of some high flyin' playas to liven it up some. Now then, here are my picks: Evan Bourne, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, and 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels!"

Anyone else think that would leave us excited for the draw, knowing one of those superstars would be moving?

The fact that the superstars not chosen would then be ineligible for draft to that particular brand would cause problems with the WWE, especially since they love to have complete control, and would probably have a couple of the superstars penciled in for a move.

OK, so let's just make them ineligible for the rest of the draft show. Shift them on the supplemental draft instead.

However the same thing would also pretty much guarantee some mid card movements. Let's say Smackdown has already used two picks, picking out top superstars each time. That means eight of RAW and ECW 's top superstars are now unable to be picked, so we hit the mid card picks. Good times.

I personally believe that this would make the draw infinitely more exciting. The WWE should have a few more storylines in place to see them through to the next PPV event while they sort out what they want to do with the new rosters after that.

These are my thoughts on the matter. Let me know what you think about it, and if you have any other ideas please share them, I was pretty underwhelmed by the draft, although the amount of wrestling we saw was good for once!