WWE Friday Night Smackdown: Home To The Greatest Talent WWE Has to Offer

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IApril 16, 2009

Now that the dust of the draft has finally settled. Most have declared Raw the “Winner” of this year’s draft.


The mid-card on Smackdown is amazing with guys like Benjamin, R-Truth, and John Morrison, C.M. Punk, and Ray Mysterio. I have a good feeling that SD’s in ring action is about to see a lot of improvement.

Even with the loss of Triple H, SD still has a strong (but small) cast of main event superstars. The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, and Edge are now being joined by Chris Jericho, the 2008 Superstar of the Year.

My only gripe with the draft is that Christian was not drafted to Smackdown! Raw and their writers have always favored the big names in the company, but for me I much rather watch Smackdown and enjoy some nice competitive matches than watching John Cena make poop jokes on Raw.

Randy Orton may be the top heel in the WWE today, but on Smackdown the addition of Jericho will lead to many new interesting feuds and matches. May we actually get to see Chris Jericho battle The Undertaker?

The WWE is very clear that "Raw needs big ratings." That explains why all the “Big Names" are now on Monday nights. To make room they have to move some of the under card to Smackdown. Which works out perfect for the blue brand as many a wrestling fan find a good match entertaining.

There was a time that Raw did have a lot of great talent.

Back in 2006, Johnny Nitro, Jeff Hardy, Carlito, and Shelton Benjamin were all having amazing matches in Raw’s under card, but when ratings proved to be disappointing they moved all the less guys so there could be room for guys like Batista and Bobby Lashley.

I’m not trying to be hard on Raw, but if they want me to tune in they should make sure to keep some athletic superstars on their show to keep me watching. Sure, Kofi Kingston and MVP are great to watch and Randy Orton knows how to have a great match, but that is not enough to keep me watching.

On Smackdown, you have everything you could want in a wrestling show. You have Jericho to carry the awesome promos. Punk, Morrison, Benjamin, R-Truth, Mysterio, and Jeff Hardy have no problem supplying the exciting action every Friday. And, of course, you have The Undertaker and Edge to provide fill the all-important main even role.

Smackdown has done it again. Once again short on main event superstars Smackdown has turned a negative into a positive.  The Blue Brand is now home to the greatest talent the WWE has to offer.

End of story.