Report: WWE Splitting Up Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez?

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIMarch 19, 2013


Following his surprise victory over The Big Show in January, Alberto Del Rio has been the world heavyweight champion for just under 70 days.

According to F4Wonline (via, some within the company feel as though he's now established enough that he no longer needs another character by his side:

"Some people within WWE believe that because Alberto Del Rio is a babyface, he no longer needs Ricardo Rodriguez at his side. Ricardo is expected to be off TV for a week or so following the attack from Jack Swagger on RAW last night."

As alluded to, Rodriguez was attacked on this week's episode of Raw by Jack Swagger, apparently to be written off television for at least a week.

It's possible that WWE will use that week as a trial period to see how well Del Rio can do without the help of his lovable servant.

Hopefully, this report is false or there are enough key personnel in favor of keeping them together, as Del Rio and Rodriguez work fantastically well as a team.

Del Rio is great at working the babyface style in the ring and can get the crowd into his matches. However, Rodriguez is still a key part of his out-of-ring persona.

The Essence of Excellence isn't exactly amazing on the microphone, but it's hard not to support him with the endearing and charming Rodriguez on his side. 

Ricardo's value can be seen each time the world heavyweight champion makes an entrance, as the crowd announces "Alberto Del Rio" with him, all seeing if they can elongate the last word as long as Rodriguez himself.

Heel or babyface, the day Del Rio no longer has his own personal ring announcer will be a sad day indeed.