Chris Jericho Must Make Fandango a Superstar at WWE's WrestleMania 29

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2013

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 5: (L-R) WWE Superstar Chris Jericho taunts actor Mickey Rourke as they prepare to duel during WrestleMania 25 at Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bill Olive/Getty Images)
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Chris Jericho isn't scheduled to wrestle at WrestleMania 29 yet, but his rumored match with Fandango is the perfect way to get the new WWE Superstar over with the crowd.

According to Wrestling Inc., the reported feud between Fandango and the former undisputed champion has been in the works for weeks, with Monday laying the groundwork:

We noted before that Chris Jericho vs. Fandango was in the works for WrestleMania 29. WWE planted the seeds for that feud on tonight's RAW when Fandango interrupted a backstage interview with Jericho.

Jericho admitted in an interview with Ring Rust Radio that he doesn’t care about wins and losses and just wants to put on a great show. That comment opens the door for Y2J to put a fresh face like Fandango over at WrestleMania in his first-ever televised WWE match.

Talk about the right way to book the start of a new superstar’s career.

This reported match is far from a lock at this point, but with less than three weeks before WrestleMania 29, the WWE wants to ensure that Jericho is on the card.

The WWE must put him against a star that needs help getting over as a heel with the crowd.

A wrestling veteran like Jericho knows exactly what it takes to get the fans to hate a character, and with his experience in-and-out of the ring as both a heel and a face, there is no better star currently employed by the WWE that could get Fandango over with the crowd better than Y2J.

This proposed match makes too much sense not to come to fruition.


What Jericho Will Do to Make Fandango a Star in the Ring

One of the biggest keys to the Fandango gimmick is the star’s unwillingness to step into the ring and actually fight. Each episode of SmackDown and Raw, the dancer gets close to participating in a match, but the inability of someone to properly say his name correctly stifles the new wrestler’s debut.

This gimmick of coming out and not wrestling is a great way to get cheap heat from the crowd—just like Damien Sandow when he first appeared—but it can’t last forever.

This is where a WrestleMania match against a decorated former champion like Jericho would be the rub a budding star like Fandango needs to garner the mainstream appeal of the top superstars in the company.

Y2J is one of the greatest in-ring workers of all time and will put on a spectacular show at WrestleMania no matter who his opponent is. Instead of allowing Fandango to debut on Raw or SmackDown, his first-ever televised match should be on the WrestleMania stage.

Jericho and Fandango will put on a great back-and-forth match, despite the low expectations (the former NXT star proved he is skilled in the ring during his time in the minor leagues). Fandango will instantly get over with the WWE audience because they will be forced to respect his in-ring abilities.

As Johnny Curtis in NXT, Fandango was an aggressive striker that liked to keep his opponents grounded. What separated the wrestler from the pack was the dirty tricks that he used throughout his matches (anything from low blows to biting). 

Expect the heel tactics to carry over to the Fandango gimmick and get a reaction from the crowd, but it won’t compare to the reaction from the WWE Universe when Fandango goes over Y2J at WrestleMania 29.

A win for Fandango would launch him into stardom. As long as the WWE booked him strongly coming out of the show, the company would have a bona fide mid-card heel that could become a great asset for the company.

A fresh face just breaking into the mainstream WWE scene needs to learn all he can about how to work the audience in and out of the ring, and the short time Fandango will spend with Jericho would yield the most valuable advice of his career.


What Jericho Will Do to Make Fandango a Star Outside the Ring

Even more important than Jericho carrying Fandango to a great match will be the major impact he has in legitimizing Fandango's character and direction.

Fandango has been much better on the mic than the majority of the WWE universe expected, and this gimmick is genuinely entertaining. Those that don’t like it yet are missing the boat.

As fun as Fandango’s promos have been, he will now be stepping toe-to-toe with one of the greatest talkers in wrestling history. When it comes to the possible promos Jericho could cut with Fandango, they would be instant gold.

With three episodes of SmackDown and two episodes of Raw to build for a WrestleMania match, the chatter between the two men should start off as comedic and escalate quickly into a serious war of words.

No more battling The Great Khali on the mic; Fandango is moving up to the big leagues.

The fastest way to make this feud personal would be for Fandango to use Jericho’s experience on the hit ABC show Dancing With the Stars. Y2J was eliminated in the sixth week and Fandango would be able to question Jericho’s rhythm, style and grace.

The verbal jousting between these two over dance steps is guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to the audience.

The WWE loves mainstream publicity, and with the new season of Dancing With the Stars underway, the casual fans that love the show and have it fresh on their minds would tune into this year’s WrestleMania and be intrigued by this storyline.

If that is a market the WWE feels they will be able to exploit using this feud, there is no question they will take advantage of it by making this match happen at WrestleMania.

With so much potential from the Fandango character, putting him against a true legend like Jericho on the WWE’s biggest stage—and letting him win—is the smart move for the future development of the character.

Everyone will know how to say his name when Fandango beats Y2J at WrestleMania 29.


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