WrestleMania 29: Why the Brock Lesnar/Triple H Feud Needs to Be More Personal

David LevinSenior Writer IIMarch 20, 2013


The greatest thing about wrestling in the WWE's Attitude Era was the chance to see the McMahon family up close and personal. 

Whether it was fighting a common opponent or battling each other in the ring, Vince, Linda, Shane and Stephanie never left us hoping for more—they gave us more.

Now that Triple H is again fighting to defend the honor of the family name and even the score with Brock Lesnar, it has become evident this feud is better than the one waged before SummerSlam last year. And in the minds of many, which includes this writer, it could get even better.

Vince would never miss an opportunity to make money at his or his family's own expense. 

The stipulation signed by Triple H and Brock Lesnar is simple: a career-ending match that we all know will more than likely send the COO of the WWE packing for good and give more power and dominance to Lesnar and his "associate," Paul Heyman.

While the fighting is more intense and the mission seems more clear, there are still components to this feud that could be even better. At SummerSlam last year, Stephanie McMahon slapped the taste out of Heyman's mouth. It was great to see that again.

Vince has already been involved in this feud (heck, that's how it got started). There needs to be more.

What about Shawn Michaels? The man known as "Mr. WrestleMania" should be a factor in this feud. He may become part of the plan, but when will the "Show Stopper" show up? I could see Michaels' role in this year's match go so many different ways, which also includes him turning his back on his best friend for allowing Lesnar to break his arm last year.

And let's not forget maybe the greatest (and most beautiful) wild card of them all: Could we see Sable get involved in all this chutzpah? Could the WWE's greatest diva of all time show up to woo us all and give the company another reason to rake in ratings leading up to the event?

I sure hope so. 

But for now, let's see what the WWE does with this match. It would appear the writers learned from mistakes last summer and have amped up the stakes a bit. Now, if they can carry through and make it better in the ring, that would help make a match plenty of fans weren't excited about look like a stroke of genius.