Brock Lesnar and Triple H Stipulation Makes the Outcome Less Predictable

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 19, 2013

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On Monday's Raw, a disheveled, out-of-breath Paul Heyman revealed the stipulations for Triple H and Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania match, the second of which makes the outcome more entertaining and more difficult to predict.

Raw's last segment saw Heyman toy with Triple H and the WWE audience by spouting out several ridiculous stipulations. He suggested one where Triple H was blindfolded, one where The Game's ankles were shackled and one where the winner got to keep Stephanie McMahon.

Thankfully, those were all jokes. Heyman eventually told the Raw audience that Lesnar vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 29 will be No-Holds Barred, with Triple's career on the line.

Triple H and Brock Lesnar's feud needed something violent in order to capture the two men's rage.

That's why the first part of the stipulation is a No-Holds Barred match. That part of the equation is no surprise. Lesnar and The Game's hatred promised a vicious match that couldn't be contained by standard rules.

It's the fact that Triple H's career is on the line at WrestleMania 29 that makes this match much more interesting.

Suddenly the expected narrative of the heroic tough guy Triple H getting revenge for his SummerSlam loss seems less certain.

Is this going to be Triple H's swan song?

WrestleMania has in recent years served as the place for WWE's grandest sendoffs. Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels both ended their careers with a WrestleMania loss. Triple H, if he is truly ready to leave the ring, now has a dramatic exit available to him.

If that is indeed what WWE is setting up, it throws many WWE fans' predictions out of whack.          

It seemed that John Cena was certain to beat The Rock and that Undertaker would protect his streak versus CM Punk. Triple H's assumed victory over the monstrous Lesnar was just another in a series of predictable WrestleMania matches this year.

Whether WWE is simply teasing fans with a possible Triple H retirement or The Game is actually ready to call it quits, this stipulation makes everyone unsure of the outcome.

Every finisher that either man hits will now be more compelling. Every near-fall will stir our stomachs more.

Triple H's career being on the line in his WrestleMania 29 match injects excitement into the rematch. It makes fans less certain of how things will turn out. It puts the strings back into the puppet master's hands and forces fans to just enjoy the show.