Mad Chicken Runs Afoul on Pitch During Blackburn Rovers Match

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 18, 2013

Check out this chicken. 

If you learn anything today, make sure to note how wonderful sporting events become once a wild animal descends onto the field (h/t NESN). 

There was the Anfield Cat, the playoff squirrel, a wild marten and, most recently, this audacious chicken streaker. 

Oh, if you are scoring at home, this is the second time a chicken has taken over a Blackburn Rovers football match. 

As Brooks Peck of Yahoo! Sports reports, a chicken was let loose during a match last season because of "ongoing protests against the club's hated poultry magnate owners."

In this case, it seems the chicken just wanted to get closer to the action between Blackburn and Burnley on Sunday at Ewood Park. 

The best part of our foul streaker is that it proved to be quite elusive. The steward tried to calmly and coolly remove the clucking pest but got thwarted at every turn. 

So the question of how you forcibly remove a chicken from the pitch is answered: you don't. It leaves precisely when it means to. 

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