Are Women Golfers Slow Players?

Walter DavidCorrespondent IApril 16, 2009

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - JULY 20:  Suzann Pettersen of Norway waits to play from the fourth tee during the second round of the HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship at Wykagyl Country Club on July 20, 2007 in New Rochelle, New York.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Women golfers are slow, they don't hit the ball long, they don't have the physical attributes necessary for playing a forceful game, they're weak, they have no balance...Sound familiar? Those phrases can still be heard on golf courses today but not as much as 10 to 15 years ago.

For example, recently I was invited to play golf at a family reunion. There were 12 of us split up into 3 foursomes and the first tee time was at 7:30 am. Amongst the 12 were 4 women golfers who wanted to play together.

Nobody seemed to mind that set-up until it was our turn to tee-off. One male in our group, being the gentleman that he was, told the ladies to tee-off first and the men will follow. All of a sudden you could hear whispers in the two waiting men's foursomes. "Why did he tell the them to go first, now we won't get back to the reunion until after lunch." "This is going to take all day." "If I knew this was going to happen I wouldn't have played." And on and on.

I didn't say a word, all I did was take it all in and observe. The first hole was a par 4. All four women hit their tee shots short but on the fairway. Their second shots were again short but on the fairway. It was then that a guy in our group named Dave stated, "Oh my, this is going to take forever.  We're going to have to wait until they hit three shots before we can hit one."

I watched the ladies hit their 3rd shots—Two hit on the green, one was on the fringe and one was in the sand trap. It was at that time that we teed off.

It wasn't until the 8th hole when I spoke up. I was waiting for Dave to hit his ball which he couldn't find in the rough, when I yelled across the fairway at him, "Dave just drop another ball, the ladies are almost a hole ahead of us and you're slowing up play."

When we reached the green I said, "Dave, I guess those golfers ahead of us, who are women, just made you eat your words." Everyone started laughing and Dave said, "I’ve got a big mouth."

So how well did the girls play that day. They didn't keep score, they were just out for the family gossip and exercise.

The moral of the story—Girls golf, get over it            

Oh, lest I forget, the 4 women golfers who played ahead of us that day were all age 70 or older. They didn't take up the game until they were in their 60's.