B/R 2009 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool Picks and Contestants

Matt HunterCorrespondent IApril 16, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 15:  Fans take photos of the Stanley Cup during the NHL Playoff Kickoff Party on April 15, 2009 at NHL Powered by Reebok Store in Manhattan. New York  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images for the NHL)

Well here are the 13 Bleacher Report writers who have decided to take the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoff Challenge.

Here is how it is going to work. After the first round the bottom three people with the lowest total of points will be eliminated.  The second round will be the same amount of people.

The conference finals match will eliminate two more people.  That will leave us with five contestants left for the Stanley Cup Round.

Tie breakers from the second round and on will be determined by the total amount of goals scored in that round.  So if you make it to the second round, and give me your picks just put the number of total goals from all teams below your picks.

Keep checking back each round to see how you did as a contestant, or if you are just interested in seeing how things are going.


Round 1Matt HunterJohn GehanJim ChandleyTab BamfordMichael WagenkMark Jones
Bos v MonBos (5)Bos (5)Bos (6)Bos (4)Bos (6)Bos (5)
Was v NYRWas (6)Was (5)Was (6)Was (6)Was (5)Was (6)
NJ v CarCar (6)Car (6)NJ (6)NJ (5)Car (5)NJ(7)
Pit v PhiPit (5)Phi (7)Phi (7)Phi (7)Phi (7)Phi (7)
SJ v AnhSJ (5)SJ (4)SJ (5)Anh (6)SJ (6)SJ (4)
Det v ColDet (6)Det (7)Det (6)Det (7)Det (6)Det (7)
Van v StLVan (6)Van (6)Van (7)Van (5)Stl (7)Van (5)
Chi v CalCal (6)Chi (6)Chi (7)Chi (5)Chi (7)Cal (7)


Wally McNabBrend CampChris DiFranLuke SummerChristian KarMike HowellSteve Prud
Bos (6)Bos (5)Mon (6)Bos (5)Bos (5)Bos (6)Bos (5)
Was (5)NYR (7)Was (5)Was (7)Was (4)NYR (6)Was (6)
Car (7)NJ (6)Car (7)Car (6)NJ (6)NJ (5)Car (7)
Pit (6)Phi (6)Phi (6)Pit (5)Phi (6)Pit (6)Phi (7)
Anh (6)SJ (6)SJ (6)SJ (7)SJ (7)SJ (5)SJ (7)
Det (5)Col (7)Det (6)Det (6)Det (5)Col (6)Col (6)
Stl (7)Van (5)Stl (7)Van (5)Van (6)Stl (7)Van (6)
Chi (6)Chi (5)Cal (6)Cal (6)Chi (7)Chi (7)Chi (4)