GSP vs. Diaz Results: 5 Fights for Georges St-Pierre to Take Next

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIMarch 17, 2013

GSP vs. Diaz Results: 5 Fights for Georges St-Pierre to Take Next

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    Georges St-Pierre put on another masterful display of technical brilliance at UFC 158. The victim this time was Nick Diaz who clearly had no answers for GSP's game.

    Now that the UFC and St-Pierre seem content in moving on from the Diaz experience, GSP now has a new challenger to his throne.

    The new challenger will be Johny Hendricks, as it seems as if the UFC and GSP are both behind Hendricks being the next guy in line.

    But of course, there are no guarantees in the fight game, and even though Hendricks is slated for the next title fight, it doesn't necessarily mean he'll be the next guy to fight GSP. There are a few fights outside of 170 pounds that St-Pierre could possibly take and force Hendricks to sit on the sidelines once more.

    Other than the obvious title defense against Hendricks, we could see St-Pierre in the Octagon against a number of opponents.

Johny Hendricks

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    This one is obvious, so we'll get it out of the way early. Johny Hendricks is the next title challenger at 170 pounds.

    After defeating a number of top guys in a row, Hendricks thought he was going to get a title shot at UFC 158. Then the Nick Diaz thing happened, and after an injury to Rory MacDonald, Hendricks faced Carlos Condit at the event.

    In a Fight of the Year candidate, Hendricks was able to take a decision victory over "The Natural Born Killer." Now Hendricks will wait for his hand to heal and St-Pierre to come back from a vacation to challenge for the UFC welterweight title.

    Although quite a few MMA analysts are talking about the lack of technicality in Hendricks' game, there's no doubt he presents quite a few issues for the champion to overcome.

    For one, Hendricks is one of the most accomplished collegiate wrestlers to enter MMA and will no doubt make St-Pierre work for his takedowns.

    Hendricks also presents problems on the feet, as he has a powerful left hand that can knock out anyone it connects on. We've seen St-Pierre be rocked before, and I have no doubt Hendricks has the ability to drop the champion if he can connect with his punches.

Anderson Silva

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    The superfight talk of Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre just won't go away. It was brought up once again at the UFC 158 post-fight press conference, and GSP didn't totally shoot down the idea.

    It's a dream match up for any MMA fan and has been discussed who knows how many times. The main problem that seems to be complicating this bout getting signed is St-Pierre and Silva agreeing on what weigh the bout would be contested at.

    If the two can ever agree and get this thing signed, it could be a very interesting matchup.

    Silva would certainly take GSP apart on the feet, but St-Pierre would look for the takedowns early and often. This potential showdown depends entirely on if "The Spider" could defend the takedowns of GSP.

    However, the talk surrounding this superfight may finally come to a close if Silva fails to get past Chris Weidman in the summer.

Benson Henderson

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    Another champion vs. champion fight that has recently been brought up is Benson Henderson vs. Georges St-Pierre. Henderson recently came out expressing his interest in fighting the welterweight champion.

    But it seems both Dana White and Georges St-Pierre want nothing to do with this fight. It would be a bit of an odd move for St-Pierre and Henderson, as they both have a number of challengers waiting to take their belts.

    Yet, the possibility of a champion vs. champion fight could equate to some big money for all parties involved. Henderson has the skills to give GSP a challenge both on the feet or on the ground and, if given time to properly bulk up, could be St-Pierre's toughest test to date.

    Henderson may not have to go up as St-Pierre's trainer, Firas Zahabi, has mentioned he'd rather see GSP drop in weight rather than jumping up to 185 pounds.

    The drop to lightweight could take a considerable amount of time for GSP, and it may not be a practical move for the dominant champion.

    Perhaps White and St-Pierre could be persuaded by the big payday of a superfight with Henderson from a huge venue like Dallas. It wouldn't take much for MMA fans to get excited about this possible showdown.

Nick Diaz

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    Put this in the realm of highly unlikely but not impossible.

    Nick Diaz didn't seem content with losing nearly every minute of his contest with Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158. Diaz began a campaign for a rematch with the champion almost immediately after the event.

    Neither Dana White or St-Pierre are keen on having to deal with Diaz once more and even less so given how ineffective Diaz was inside the Octagon. Still, there's no doubt Diaz can sell a fight, and he'd likely generate some interest in a potential rematch.

    If Diaz doesn't retire and goes on to win his next contest, expect GSP's name to come up routinely anytime Diaz gets a mic.

    With his knack for getting under people's skins, I wouldn't be surprised if White and St-Pierre opt for another big payday courtesy of Diaz's promoting skills.

    Even if Diaz can earn a rematch, don't expect anything different than what went down at UFC 158. Diaz has always had issues with wrestlers, and it appears the Stockton bad boy isn't concerned with fixing that hole in his game.

Carlos Condit

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    Carlos Condit may have lost at UFC 158, but he's far from being removed from title contention. His bout with Johny Hendricks not only earned Fight of the Night honors but also will be a Fight of the Year candidate.

    Condit will still likely be ranked inside the Top Five, despite losing two fights in a row, and with another victory or two, he could find himself challenging for the UFC welterweight title once more.

    Condit is an extremely entertaining fighter who has some elite-level skills.

    It doesn't hurt that St-Pierre acclaimed Condit as the best fighter he's faced following their clash at UFC 154.

    Condit clearly lost his fight with St-Pierre but nearly finished the champion in the third round and left St-Pierre looking like he'd been in a fight for the first time in years.

    A rematch with Condit may not produce the dollar signs the UFC is looking for in a pay-per-view headliner but should provide fans with another exciting title bout.