St. Pierre vs. Diaz: Retirement Claim from Bad Boy Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously

Mike MoraitisAnalyst IMarch 17, 2013

Mar 16, 2013; Montreal, Quebec, CAN;  Nick Diaz (blue) lands a punch on Georges St.Pierre (red) during their Welterweight title bout at UFC 158 at the Bell Centre. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

After losing to welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158, Nick Diaz claimed that he was going to retire. However, that claim should be taken with a grain of salt.

This is not his first trip down the retirement road. Here is what Diaz had to say about possibly retiring, per the UFC Twitter page:

Nick hints at re-retirement in his post-fight interview "I think I'm done with mixed martial arts, I'm tired of getting banged up like this"

— UFC (@ufc) March 17, 2013

The championship bout between St-Pierre and Diaz was never close. GSP took Diaz to the ground on several occasions with ease and dominated him once they got there. It was at those moments that it was clear Diaz wasn't in the same class as St-Pierre.

The only shot Diaz did have was when St-Pierre stood up and threw fists. But even then, Diaz couldn't get an advantage, and it was just a matter of time before GSP imposed his will to take the fight to the ground again.

It was quite the lopsided fight for a five-round affair. The only thing GSP didn't accomplish was an early stoppage.

However, it appears that GSP might have succeeded in shutting Diaz up—or at least in regard to taking on other fighters—after the 29-year-old openly mulled retiring when it was all said and done.

Diaz would later go on to say he only has plans on fighting St-Pierre again, also per the UFC Twitter page:

Nick post-fight: “I am trying to retire but I want a rematch. I don’t want to fight any of these young kids but I will fight GSP again.”

— UFC (@ufc) March 17, 2013

Based on what Diaz said, he's tired of getting beat up the way he did against St-Pierre, yet he's ready to fight him and take another beating. That's the first reason why Diaz's retirement claim doesn't make any sense.

Before this bout, Diaz also lost to Carlos Condit by decision at UFC 143, but that was a very close fight.

The reason given verbally by Diaz just doesn't add up. Its not like he's getting pummeled in every fight he takes part in. Sure, he's lost his last two fights, but only one of them can be considered a beatdown while the other was nowhere near it.

Yes, he did get dominated and overpowered by St-Pierre, but so does just about every other challenger that steps into the Octagon with the champ. There's no shame in losing the way Diaz did because it was to one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters on the planet.

But Diaz hasn't always had issues winning like he has in his last two fights. At one point prior to the Condit fight, Diaz won 11 fights in a row and staked his claim as one of the best fighters in the sport.

I'm sure Diaz hasn't forgotten his past success since it wasn't that long ago. He must know that kind of dominance that he once displayed isn't far off at this stage in his career. After all, he isn't exactly over the hill by any stretch of the imagination.

Losing one fight can make even the toughest competitor emotional, but losing two in a row can be downright depressing. Diaz's statement was likely a result of such emotions. His words directly after this fight with GSP were more the words of a dejected fighter than a clear-thinking, rational person.

Not to mention, Diaz has retired and returned before, so this could just be another instance where he flirts with it and ultimately comes to his senses.