Liddell vs. Rua: Redemption or Retirement?

Matt RandallCorrespondent IApril 16, 2009

This weekend we will get to see two MMA legends finally square off in the octagon.


But to me, it seems like the real questions concerning the fight is what is going to happen afterwards. Does this fight even really matter? Or are we just trying to re-live the once phenomena’s that are, or were Shogun and The Iceman.


It is quite obvious that is it possible for either fighter to regain what was once had, look at Randy Couture; he has single handily changed the way we look at age.


But does that mean anyone can do it?


Apparently not, just ask Tim Silvia.


Is it really that far-fetched that either Liddell or Rua, or both for that matter, could really turn things around that drastically?


Chuck thinks so. Rua does too.


I on the other hand, do not.


Lets just imagine that Chuck wins via a massive KO, who does he have to fight next? Rampage? Forrest?


Of course the same goes for Rua, let’s say he pulls it out against Chuck, I don’t think he will, but lets just say for the sake of this article that he does. Who is next in line for him?


It seems to me that we are grasping to hold onto the once glorious past of these fighters, wishing we could re-live the glory days. Where Liddell has the most feared hands in the world and Rua the most feared stomps to the head.


Don’t get me wrong; I am one of the many people who have once again fallen into hype of a fight, as I do so often. I am excited for this fight and I do believe that Chuck is going to pull out a KO win.


That being said, I think very quickly after this win, will we see Chuck fall again.


If this fight is really going to put the winner in some sort of belt contention, or at least on the road to it, then Chuck isn’t going to have an easy competitor. Nor will his winning streak last longer than one.


We have all heard that the Rua vs. Coleman fight wasn’t the Rua we will see this weekend, he had just come off an injury and wasn’t in shape. Lets all hope this is true.


If Rua comes into this fight in such terrible condition then it is just going to make Chuck look like something he’s not: back on track.


As for Rua’s future in the UFC, I just am not a believer, yet.


Maybe it the fact that he cant use his foot stomps, or maybe it's fighting in America. Or maybe it’s just as simple as the sport has caught up to him and he is no longer the dominating force that he used to be.


Or maybe Rua is about to go on the tear of his life. Probably not.


None the less, the fight is now only days away and soon we will be able to see who is going to being salvaging their career first. Can someone pull off this comeback, or has I believe it should be dubbed, a "Randy."


Regardless, I believe that we should be in for an entertaining fight, but don’t look to far into the future for either fighter.


In the words of Public Enemy: Don’t believe the hype.