Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz: 3 Questions About GSP Heading into UFC 158

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2013

Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz: 3 Questions About GSP Heading into UFC 158

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    Georges St-Pierre is just divine. 

    The UFC could not design a better representative for their organization and for the sport of mixed martial arts as a whole, and GSP probably induces heart failure among UFC executives every time he steps into the Octagon for battle. 

    Thankfully for them, GSP is one of the most consistently dominant fighters in the sport's history, and he has emerged victorious in 92 percent of his career fights. 

    Still, no fighter is invincible.

    GSP has been knocked out, and he has been submitted just like any other mortal, and his UFC 158 matchup with Nick Diaz presents plenty of intrigue and mystery. 

    Start the slideshow to check out these important question marks surrounding "Rush" as we approach fight night in Montreal. 

Where Is Your Focus?

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    GSP is lauded as one of the most focused mixed martial artists of all time, but he has been uncharacteristically verbal and rowdy in response to Diaz's barbs. 

    The champ may be just as focused as ever, but it certainly seems as though Diaz has done the impossible and penetrated GSP's collected demeanor. 

    If this is the case, we could be in for a GSP fight unlike any other. 

    If not, we are almost guaranteed another dominant title defense for the greatest welterweight in UFC history via unanimous decision. 

    Time will tell, but right now GSP's focus remains one of his biggest causes for concern leading into UFC 158. 

What's the Game Plan?

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    With 13 knockouts and eight submissions on his resume, Nick Diaz is one of the most well-rounded finishers in MMA today. 

    The Cesar Gracie product is dangerous off his back, and a typical wrestling-based performance by GSP could prove fatal. 

    Similarly, Diaz's "slappy" punches are nothing to scoff at. The Stockton native has flattened opponents with punches in the past, and there is no doubt that he could catch GSP on the feet. 

    I do not expect GSP to step outside his comfort zone in this fight and abandon his grappling-oriented attack, but I am still very eager to see if he decides to stand and bang a bit more thanks to his Diaz's refined jiu-jitsu game. 

    Add in the fact that GSP wants to humiliate and crush Diaz, we might just see more stand up from the champion in this fight. 

How's Your Chin?

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    I am not suggesting Georges St-Pierre possesses a weak or suspect chin by any means.

    With one knockout loss in 25 career fights, GSP has absorbed some punishment in his days, but if we have seen "Rush" falter in the past, it occurred when he was put on his heels and forced to take punishment. 

    Matt Serra famously stopped the welterweight champion at UFC 69, and Carlos Condit more recently put GSP in trouble at UFC 154 with a stellar high kick. 

    As mentioned in the previous slide, Diaz packs deceiving power, and he is incredibly aggressive on the feet—a combination that could spell disaster for St-Pierre. 

    If GSP cannot eat a few shots to deliver some, he could find himself down and out in a flash. 

    Since many fans and critics expect GSP to neutralize Diaz on the ground, this aspect of the fight has been largely overlooked, but I look forward to seeing how GSP reacts when (if) he catches a solid punch on the chin.