St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz: A Fan's Guide to UFC 158's Main Event

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2013

Mar 15, 2013; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; UFC president Dana White (center) steps in between Georges St.Pierre and Nick Diaz during the weight-in for UFC 158 at the Bell Centre. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 158's main event is sensational. 

Reigning welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will officially square off with Stockton, Calif., badboy Nick Diaz inside the  Octagon, but the two have already battled for months leading into the fight.

This exhaustive pre-fight banter undoubtedly took its toll on each fighter, and this matchup may very well come down to who can manage his emotions better inside the cage.

These two have a history.

Following his UFC 137 victory over BJ Penn, Diaz allegedly chased GSP inside their hotel, bullying the champion for no apparent reason.

Dating back to his days as an insecure nine-year-old child, GSP has felt the wrath of bullies, and this adds a unique dynamic to this fight. 

GSP, usually a reserved, professional and unshakable man, bared his teeth at the UFC 158 press conference, and it appears he is legitimately perturbed by Diaz's relentless trash talk. 

Known as a "safe" fighter—he has won five straight fights via unanimous decision—GSP may finally open up and take risks to smash Diaz inside the cage. 

In doing so, however, he will open himself up to Diaz's own very capable attack. 

Diaz has finished 21 of his 26 career victories, and he is equally proficient striking (13 career knockouts) as he is grappling (eight submissions). 

This presents a dangerous foe for GSP, and should the champion get sloppy, Diaz will be ready to pounce. 

Also at stake in this fight is GSP's incredible winning streak. The champion has won 10 straight fights dating back to April 2007, and he stands as one of the most dominant fighters in the organization's history. 

For his part, Nick Diaz never really established himself as a consistent threat inside the Octagon. 

He is 7-5 in UFC fights, and even now he is coming off a loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143. 

After serving a yearlong suspension for a failed drug test following this bout, Diaz finds himself in the biggest fight of his life. 

Chalk it up to his personality and his badboy image. 

Diaz is the polar opposite of GSP, and that creates the intrigue. Add in his dangerous skill set, and this is legitimately one of the most interesting title fights in quite some time. 

Will GSP finally end his streak of decisions and finish an opponent or will the title change hands for the first time in almost five years? 

These are the stakes. 

One man will emerge the heroic victor and one will slump into the dark pit of defeat. 

UFC 158 provides the stage, St-Pierre and Diaz will provide the resolution.