Brock Lesnar Defeating Triple H Could Lead to a Paul Heyman Rise to Power in WWE

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistMarch 16, 2013

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Triple H and Brock Lesnar are on the road to WrestleMania; on April 7, the two WWE Superstars will face off in a rematch from last year’s SummerSlam.

With the announcement that a special stipulation will be added to the match after Hunter officially signs the contract, fans are currently speculating as to just what Paul Heyman is up to.  Perhaps career advancement?

First off, I have to say that when Heyman gave Triple H the ultimatum on this past Monday Night Raw, it was a perfect moment for his character.  After all, Heyman has always been known as the evil genius, a devious mastermind who is constantly plotting and planning, all in an effort to get what he wants from those around him.

And that has not changed, as the former leader of ECW informed the world that Brock would indeed agree to face Triple H at Mania, with only one condition.

Just a bit of fine print, if you will.

The best part about this is of course the fact that Hunter cannot know what the stipulation is until his signature hits the match contract.  Mere moments after the ink begins to dry is when Heyman will presumably announce just what The Game is in for on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

With that familiar devilish gleam in his eye, Heyman spoke with the utmost confidence that all was going according to plan. And really, why wouldn’t he?  

The fact is that Triple H is so hell-bent on revenge, considering the damage that Brock did to his father-in-law Vince McMahon, that there is surely no way that he will not agree to this. Heyman knows the vulnerable state of mind that Hunter has right now and is capitalizing on it.

Paul understands that not only does Triple H want to get some payback, but he is also seeking redemption from the loss he was dealt at the hands of Lesnar at last year’s SummerSlam. Heyman is counting on Triple H’s rage blinding him, and at this point, The Game has been painted into a corner.

Just where Heyman wanted him.

So now that it looks as though Paul is calling all the shots; the question is, what is this mystery stipulation?  

A lot of the chatter among fans right now involves either MMA rules being used for the match or perhaps a Triple H retirement.  The fact is both of these make sense.  And if WWE goes with one of them, then it will certainly make for an entertaining storyline.

Hunter is not an MMA fighter.  Period.  He is a professional wrestler who may be tough as nails and possess an unmatched intensity, but he is not a man who has ever had to survive in the Octagon. Being forced to play it Brock’s way is to be forced into a position that he would not be comfortable with.

The King of Kings would be out of his element, controlled by a fierce monster, a former UFC Champion who would have the upper hand from the opening bell to the final bell.  This would be Brock’s kind of match, an environment that he would thrive in.

Of course the retirement angle makes a lot of sense as well.  Triple H is in the twilight of his career, and if he were out of the way, then there would be no one to stop Brock Lesnar.  

Yes, Hunter would still be the C.O.O., but if he is no longer a physical threat, then Brock would have one less obstacle in his way as he rolls over anyone and everyone he wanted.

But if the retirement stipulation called for Hunter to leave WWE altogether?  That would be quite the twist, wouldn’t it?

However, for me, the possibility of seeing Paul Heyman rise up to a position of authority in WWE is a very interesting one.  Imagine Heyman running Monday Night Raw.  Or Friday Night SmackDown.

Or both.

For that matter, what if Heyman’s stipulation involves him replacing Triple H as WWE’s Chief Operating Officer?  Of course, we all know that behind the scenes nothing would really change, this is just storyline.  

But seeing Hunter on the outside looking in, while a smug and cocky Paul Heyman totally abuses his power, would make for some great television.

And depending on how the WWE Championship match turns out at WrestleMania, we could see a newly appointed Paul Heyman on the following Raw naming CM Punk the No. 1 contender.

Punk has heat with both The Rock and John Cena, and with a high-ranking WWE official in his corner, how could he possibly lose?

The fact is Paul Heyman is one of the smartest, most entertaining men in the business.  He knows how to get the crowd and more importantly, how to keep them.  To see him in charge on WWE programming would be a must-see moment whenever he’s on camera.  

So many storylines could come from this angle and involve so many Superstars that I personally don’t see how this could not get over with fans.

But having said that, the truth is that Triple H needs this win.  There has been nothing to lead us to believe that he’s ready to hang up the boots.  So if a retirement stipulation is added, then he could be most likely going over.

And with the “injury” suffered by Vince, Hunter is the man fighting for his family in order to make Brock answer for what he did.  If he were to drop a second loss to Lesnar, then Triple H’s career, part time as it is, would hit a brick wall.  Where would he go from there?  Why would fans ever believe he could come through in a situation like this again?

I suppose that I just want something different to happen here.  I don’t want anything predictable. Something new, something fresh, something from out of left field, that’s what I want.  

And seeing Paul Heyman rise to power on TV would be that unexpected swerve that could provide some serious entertainment.

The Next Big Thing?  How about The Next Big Boss?