WrestleMania Moments: 8 Potential Finishers for Ryback's Big Moment

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WrestleMania Moments: 8 Potential Finishers for Ryback's Big Moment
So, we've established he can lift Tensai, right? (Photo courtesy of wrestling.pt)

WWE looks to be planning a big feat of strength for Ryback at Mania, when WWE's Eating Machine takes on the Headmaster of the Hall of Pain, Mark Henry. 

While the match has not been made official, the two powerhouse superstars have been on a collision course for a couple of weeks now, and it looks as if things are slowly but surely building to a showdown on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

This match marks a big day for Ryback, being this is his WrestleMania debut. While Ryback has been in the spotlight before, he's never been to The Big Dance, and as many people know, what you do at Mania has the potential to be remembered forever.

From The Slam Heard 'Round The World at WrestleMania III when Hulk Hogan slammed Andre the Giant to Jeff Hardy choosing immortality over victory at WrestleMania XXIII when he chose to, instead of grab the Money in The Bank briefcase, take both himself and Edge out of the match with a death-defying leap from the top of a ladder, breaking both himself and Edge in half at the urging of his older brother.

Unfortunately, Ryback's most memorable moment seems to be a botched attempt at Shell Shock on Tensai on RAW, coincidentally coming off the heels of him successfully hitting Shell Shock on Tensai on an episode of Smackdown.

This, though, had the benefit of revealing something about Shell Shock not many people may realize. Ryback's strength is not the reason for the failure of the move. Simply put, when an opponent's stomach is too large, it pushes Ryback's head forward/down, putting him in an awkward stance and generally making the move unusable against larger foes.

Many people are counting on (and in some cases, hoping,)  Ryback fails to lift Henry at Mania. However, I like Ryback. He's rough around the edges, but I think there's potential there for multiple World Titles with a few modifications, here and there.

One of which, would be the use of one or two new finishing moves to replace Shell Shock.

Perhaps even an alternative for those times Ryback has a large opponent. Since Mania is coming up, it seems like a fitting place to debut a new finisher and shatter any belief against his ability, I've pondered a few moves Ryback could use instead of or alongside Shell Shock to finish opponents.

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