Get Hype! The Pat Barry Interview

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

I recently had the pleasure to interview the talented and funny Pat "Get Hype" Barry. For those of you who aren't familiar with Pat, he got his start in Kickboxing and is now fighting in the UFC.

I actually found out about Pat when I saw one of his fights on and I think the MMA/Kickboxing world has something to look forward to. His kickboxing record is 18-6-9(KO)-1. His MMA record is 4-0, all by knockout.

JS: You've mentioned that Jean-Claudde Van Damme movies got you interesting in kickboxing/MMA. Were there any other martial artists or martial arts movies that had an influence on getting you into kickboxing/MMA?

PB: Ninja Turtles was a big factor also; always wanted to be a Ninja. But, Mike Tyson was the catalyse for almost everything. Man, first time I saw what he could do I was hooked!

JS: You were trained by four-time K-1 World Champion, Ernesto Hoost. What was it like training under him and does he live up to his name "Mr. Perfect"?

PB: Training with him was a dream come true. He is one of my idols along with the fact that he's the greatest kickboxer to ever live. And yes, the nickname fits him perfectly. I learned a lot from him!

JS: Now you actually moved over to Amsterdam to train with Hoost. What was it like living over there?

PB: Personally, I'm a home body. I don't like being away from my family and friends, so for me I didn't care for being there. But for what I was there for, it was great.

JS: While we're talking about nicknames, how did you get the nickname "Get Hype"?

PB: My brother and cousin and I were on a road trip across the country. While in the car we came across the concept of all or nothing. come back with your shield or on it. While drinking an energy drink for the first time, someone said the word hype and there it was. HYPE or DIE was born!  

JS: Back in December 2008, you made your UFC debut. Were there any butterflies in your stomach going into your debut?

PB: Yes sir! More than ever. But thats a good thing, it's normal. We as fighters need those pre-fight jitters.

JS: You defeated Dan Evensen in your debut after a brutal right low kick to his leg in the first round. Do you think you made a statement in that match?

PB: OOOHYAHHH! Watch out for the right and if you're ready for the right, I'll hit you with the other one. And if you're ready ready for the other one I'll hit you with THE OTHER ONE, cause nobody's ready for that one.

JS: Evenson injured his knee in that match. Have you heard from him since or is he holding a grudge?

PB: After the fight he was gone. I never saw him again and haven't heard from him either.

JS: How has the transition from kickboxing to MMA been for you and are there any differences or similarities between the two?

PB: Totally different sport,man. For MMA, I actually had to alter my striking ability in order to be able to perform. Similar cause it's a fight, but it's a totally different pace with different weapons and different angles and strategies.

JS: Is there anyone in the UFC that Get Hype would want to have a dream match against?

PB: Not a wrestler!!

JS: With all the traveling you've done to compete in your matches. Are there any funny moments you'd like to share?

PB: A few times in China I was told that I was going to spar with a guy. This dude got in the ring and had on eight ounce gloves, no shin pads, and no head gear.

I was standing there with big shin pads on and big eighteen ounce gloves and we couldn't start sparring till the audience came in. But they swore to me that it wasn't a fight, even though the guy was shirtless, sweaty, and growling at me. But it wasn't a fight, riiiiiiiiight!

JS: How do you prepare for any upcoming fights?

PB: A lot of fight specific scenarios. Putting myself in bad positions and working my way out. Lots of conditioning cause i'm a firm believer that whoever can last the longest has a better chance of winning.

JS: You're 5'11" and 230 pounds. Do you ever worry about making weight?

PB: Nope! No weight class for the heavies!

JS: This year you turn the big 3-0, coincidentally the day after my birthday. Any celebration plans and how long do you think you'll keep going in kickboxing/MMA?

PB: Most likely going to practice. I'm gonna swing for the fences till I'm 35!

JS: Do you have any upcoming matches in the octagon or anywhere else?

PB: May 23. UFC 98. MGM Grand. Vegas!

JS: Well, that pretty much wraps things up. Any last words for your fans or to your haters (if any) out there?


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