Former WWE Star Dave Bautista Lands Big Role in Major Hollywood Movie

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 14, 2013

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It looks like former WWE champion Dave Bautista is about to take the movie business by storm.

Industry publication The Hollywood Reporter reports that the star has been offered the role of Drax the Destroyer in upcoming blockbuster movie Guardians of the Galaxy. The film will be released by Marvel Studios and directed by cult filmmaker James Gunn (Slither, Dawn of the Dead). Actor Chris Pratt is also attached to the project.

Discussing Bautista's casting, The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Bautista has been in the mix for the part since late last year, competing with actors such as Isaiah Mustafa, Patrick Wade, and Jason Momoa. Momoa was pegged as the man for the gig in February by online geek blogs, prematurely it turns out.

For all of you non-comic book fans, the article also offers a basic description of the Drax character:

Drax is a human resurrected as a green warrior with the sole purpose of killing Thanos (the villain in the final-scene tease of Avengers). His powers include flight, super-strength and energy blasts.

Undoubtedly, this is a major, major gig for Bautista, and one that could serve as his breakout acting role. No wrestler has even come close to emulating the success of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Hollywood, but thanks to this part, Bautista just might.

It really is astounding to think how well Bautista's acting career has turned out.

It was hard to foresee him finding success in acting after he parted ways with WWE in May 2010. The star had the size and physical presence, sure, but we've seen too many wrestlers attempt to break into Hollywood and fail (Hulk Hogan, anyone?).

Why would he be any different?

However, the 44-year-old has proved the naysayers wrong over the past three years.

After a few missteps (the dreadful action movie Wrong Side of Town springs to mind), he's been picking up supporting roles in quality high-profile movies like The Man with the Iron Fists and Riddick, making quite the name for himself in the process.

With Guardians of the Galaxy coming up, he might just become Hollywood's next big action star. Now, who would have seen that one coming?