Pat Miletich on Transgendered Fighter Fallon Fox: 'You're Still a Man'

John HeinisSenior Analyst IMarch 14, 2013

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One of the most dominant early champions in UFC history, Pat Miletich has no sympathy for transgendered fighter Fallon Fox. 

Fox, who had gender reassignment surgery in 2006 to become a female, is currently facing licensing issues for not fully disclosing her medical history with Florida's Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation. 

In an interview with Bloody Elbow's Steph Daniels, the former Strikeforce commentator made some controversial comments stating that, as far as he's concerned, Fox is still a man: 

'I think if you have a Y chromosome in your body, you're a man, no matter what hardware you have surgically removed, changed or done whatever. You're still a man. I talked to a lot of female fighters and they think it's bull****. I agree with them. There's nothing that changes the fact that Fallon Fox was born a man. So what if he lopped off his junk. I mean hey, you're still a man [laughs]. Fallon's confusion does not transfer over to my confusion. He still has a Y chromosome.'

The first ever UFC welterweight champion who has an impressive 18 submission victories to his credit, clarified that his opinion on the situation is not meant to be a personal attack on Fox as a person or the transgendered or gay community as a whole: 

'I don't have anything against anybody that's transgender, gay, or whatever. Whatever they do to their own body is their decision. That's just the way it is, and I don't have a problem with that. You can't then expect to cross over and beat the shit out of girls. A transgender league might be a great idea. Maybe Dana White would be interested in that. Sell some tickets, right [laughs]?'

Whether Miletich had bad intentions or not, his comments are likely to draw a lot of harsh responses from Fox's supporters. 

Fox, who is 2-0 as professional fighter and 3-0 as an amateur, is a long way from competing in the Octagon if she does get licensed, according to UFC president Dana White.

White cites the fact that all five of her (though he referred to Fox as a "he") opponents have had losing records, so Fox is a long ways off from fighting UFC level competition.