Is The Miz Set to Feud with NXT Star in the Future?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 14, 2013

NXT's Jake Carter (photo from
NXT's Jake Carter (photo from

Following the success of The Marine 3: Homefront, could The Miz be headed for a Marine-themed storyline with NXT star Jake Carter?

As Miz noted recently on his official Twitter account, The Marine 3: Homefront has been a hit on DVD and done much better than initial expectations.

This might not be too surprising.

After all, the film has received more promotion and attention—thanks to WWE advertising it on its shows—than your average straight-to-DVD action movie starring Steven Seagal/Steve Austin/Jean-Claude Van Damme. It makes sense it would do better than most of these types of releases.

In the film, Miz plays a character named Jake Carter. Interestingly, this is also the WWE name of NXT star Jesse White (son of Leon "Vader" White). Oh, and Carter also bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Miz. 

They could even be brothers.

Interestingly, in this week's (subscribers only) F4W Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez states that Carter may be getting called up for a feud with "The Awesome One":

We'll see if it ever happens but the plan last year was to create a Jake Carter character in developmental that would eventually move up to WWE and feud with Miz after the Marine film came out. Not making any of this up.

While it's always great to see new guys called up, and judging by his work on NXT, Carter is fairly talented, this whole idea sounds rather bizarre.

What would the premise actually be? Carter has escaped from the movie world and wants to track down his real-life alter-ego? (Think Jack Slater in Last Action Hero). 

Or maybe Carter is an obsessed Miz fan that shows up on WWE TV and immediately starts stalking his hero, eventually coming to believe he is Miz? You know, like that '90s movie Single White Female, only with guys—obviously.