Girls Basketball Player Needed 1 Shot to Become State Championship Hero

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 14, 2013

Adela Franco merely waited for the right time to shoot the basketball. 

The cautious young lady hadn't shot the ball all game during a Tennessee state championship matchup between her Christ Presbyterian Academy team and Macon County.

With mere seconds to go in the contest, Franco made sure to pass just one more time before once again getting the ball back in her hands.

This time she shot.

Upon initial view of this video (h/t Big Lead), you might not be struck with the sudden sense of awe that you should. Great—yet another buzzer-beater to throw on the pile.

The backstory is really where things get good, so I encourage you to watch the video again after learning Franco had not attempted a shot all game.

After a timeout late in the fourth quarter, play resumed with 14.1 seconds on the clock. CPA tossed the ball around, and it found Franco standing on the wings just above the three-point line.

We already know she was a bit stingy with her shot attempts, so it makes sense that she passed the ball off even though she was initially wide open.

Well, the ball eventually returned to Franco, who went from random player to heroic legend—all because she finally decided to hoist up a shot.

To be fair, at the 1:20 mark of the video, we learn she had two free-throw attempts earlier and made both.

Not being a grump, I will choose to highlight the fact Franco's only field-goal attempt came when the team needed it most.

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