Flyboarding Video Is Delicious Cocktail of Hoverboards, Beach and Basketball

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 14, 2013

Contrary to popular opinion, hoverboards do work on water. 

There are a couple of lessons that can be gleaned from the movie Back to the Future II: Hoverboards are the coolest mode of transportation ever, and they don't work on water. Well, unless you've got power.

In this case, a bunch of bros decided to set up a flyboarding session and bring a basketball hoop along for the ride (via Hot Clicks). 

It may be tough at first, but once you get your balance, you'll be zipping around like Iron Man or swimming like a dolphin. While I can see the interest in playing some water-sports version of Tony Stark, I have never looked out at the sea and thought, if only I were a dolphin

Maybe that's just me. 

Still, the video fails to mention anything in regard to people like me who have awful balance. Seriously, traversing sidewalks and taking showers shouldn't be this treacherous. 

In this particular video, the truly special part is when one flyboarder sinks a basket from distance. We only hope the ultimate goal here is to one day have two basketball hoops standing 30 feet above the water. 

After that, all you need is about 10 flyboarders, and you have yourself a new sports league I might be interested in watching. If we could just get those potential players outfitted with paintball guns, we might really have something. 

Ever wanted to make like the Green Goblin and cruise around on a board soaring through the sky?

Yeah, me neither. Still, this flyboarding thing looks pretty cool.


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