WWE 2009 Draft: The Superstars

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

All right, enough covering the Divas. here's my thoughts on each of the Draft picks this year, including the Supplemental Draft.

NEW RAW Roster Additions

MVP-The WWE has been wanting to move Mysterio back to SD, so they needed another mid-card title to take the place of the IC title. It's an okay move for MVP. There isn't a lot of competition he can take on and he'll probably get lost in the shuffle.

The Miz-Has MVP's problem. Another who will get lost in the shuffle. He and Morrison are great together as a team, in the ring and on WWE.COM, but Morrison has proven much better than Miz what he's capable of.

The Big Show-Has to follow Vickie I guess. Losing Kane and Knox, RAW needs a big man to be on the show. Not sure what they'll do with him, but I doubt his appearances on SD are finished just yet.

Matt Hardy-Best move yet. This is a really smart pick. Now the Matt is a heel, there's much more for him to do. He has an opportunity to outshine his brother on the A Show, maybe even put himself in line for the big title.

HHH-No shock. SD needed him for the network move. He did his job.

Mr. Kennedy-With all his injury issues, I don't even think he'll wrestle one match. I think his move is with the thought in mind of releasing him in the not too distant future and fill the spot with someone else.

The Colons-With WWE wanting to focus on the Hispanic fans on SD, I'm surprised with the move. I guess this was done so Team Priceless can get the titles. I don't know what they can do after the fact.

THE Brian Kendrick-See MVP.

Chavo Guerrero-Vickie's assistant. Will be the show's jobber.

Festus-Feud with Big Show? Fills Mike Knox's non-existent role.

Hornswoggle-I don't get it. Perhaps feuding with Santino/Santina?


NEW SMACKDOWN Roster Additions

CM Punk-Like Matt Hardy, another best move. With all the big guys on RAW, Punk would've gotten lost like he was beginning to. Now he can be a top tier face with Hardy and Undertaker. My hope is they eventually turn him heel so we can get a Punk/Hardy feud.

Punk is naturally a bit of heel anyways, so it makes for an interesting future. I also like the possibility of a feud with The Undertaker, simply because the possibilities are endless.

Plus, this is Mr. MITB we're talking about, and the thought of him cashing it in on anyone at any time adds some fuel to a lot of feud fires.

Kane-WWE's long suffering Big Red Machine is also making a good move. I'd like to see him rise in what's reportedly nearing the end of his career.

Despite being pushed as a heel, he's a fan favorite. I'd like to see him team up with Undertaker again, maybe even have another feud.

Chris Jericho-Another solid move as well. Although Jericho is a great heel, he was getting buried behind Orton's push as the top heel. Now he and Edge can co-exist and rule SD simply with a mic.

It'd be great to see him feud with The Undertaker since he talks so much about Legends going on for too long. Perhaps he can try to push that with Taker.

Rey Mysterio-No big shock here. His move to RAW wasn't very successful. He's much better suited for SD, and here's hoping to some more Rey/Punk interaction since their great match at Armageddon.

Cryme Tyme-Don't know what they're going to do with the Tag titles on RAW. Will most likely be nothing more but jobbers and probably won't see much time on TV.

Mike Knox- Good move, simply because he got completely lost in the RAW Superstar shuffle. He can do some good stuff on SD.

Ricky Ortiz-Another most likely resident jobber. Appeals to the Hispanic audience.

John Morrison-the hidden best pick of the whole draft. Morrison is a star, plain and simple. Extremely innovative and a great athlete, Morrison can put on a feud with literally anyone on the show.

I'm personally praying for a Morrison/Undertaker feud. Taker likes to put over young talent, as he has with Shelton Benjamin.

We've also got an opportunity for more Punk/Morrison feuding as well. He's also got a great personality and is solid on the mic. I'm really excited about this move.

Dolph Ziggler-More likely to be like DH Smith and never appear, or be like Chuck Palumbo and get released.

Charlie Haas-See Ziggler.


NEW ECW Roster Additions

Vladimir Kozlov-The lone pick to be on TV, this is a good move in terms of him rebuilding himself. He won't be in any feuds with the big stars except Christian, who isn't high on the McMahon favorite chart.

I hope he gets a manager to talk for him and give him some personality. Maybe Katie Lea should say hello?

Ezekiel Jackson-This is his chance to show what he's like without Kendrick. He's got a good look and is solid in the ring. I'd like to hear him on the mic. Most likely to feud with Kozlov.

Zack Ryder-Hello jobber or most likely, hello future endeavored.

DH Smith-A draft pick that previously never debuted. Smith was rightly sent to FCW to get some training and time in. What I've heard about him is good. I'm glad the WWE didn't rush him into debuting.

Now, thankfully, he can join is FCW tag partner Tyson Kidd and his cousin Natalya and, fingers crossed, re-create The Hart Foundation.

The WWE can do a lot with this group, and just the thought of them all walking out in pink and black gets me so excited. Maybe they'll get to come out to the HF music too.

Hurricane Helms-Another solid move. Helms can have a chance to actually be on TV and put on some matches with the rising high flying stars.

All in all some moves were predictable, some weren't, and some were a waste. It's good though to see the WWE trying to fix their issues and get the fans to watch more.


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