B/R's Ultimate March Pop Culture, Food and Sports Madness Bracket: Bracket 2.0

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B/R's Ultimate March Pop Culture, Food and Sports Madness Bracket: Bracket 2.0

The NCAA tournament gets bigger and bigger every year, and the growth in popularity has as much to do with America's love of intercollegiate basketball as it does the structure of tournament itself.

While sports fans love the NCAA tournament for the thrill of the upsets and the unfettered celebration of amateurism, many so-called fans just care about the tournament because of one thing: the bracket.

Americans love our brackets. And who can blame us? The concept of deciding the best of something by ranking the choices and playing out a series of head-to-head competitions can turn any simple, boring list into a grand social experiment.

While the NCAA tournament bracket is a measure in prognostication—nobody fills out a bracket just for the hell of it when there's bragging rights, and money, to be won—Americans have adopted the bracket model to use for just about any debatable topic on the planet.

There is something in our DNA that draws us to competitions of survival and winning at all costs, even if the contest is about different ways to use a Twinkie or which British actor has the best American accent.

Over the years, talk radio and the Internet have taken the bracket concept and applied it to everything under the sun, so instead of piling on that heap with another hastily constructed bracket people can discuss before the NCAA tournament begins, we thought it would be fun to make a bracket full of brackets.

What bracket is the most interesting to debate? Is it more fun to argue about the best animated gifs or the best actor we didn't know was British? What is the Ultimate Bracket bracket?

Back by popular demand—well, at the very least by demand, in that I demanded we do this for a second year—here is the 2013 Bleacher Report Ultimate Bracket Bracket.

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