Total Draft Recap, and Observations

Will HowardCorrespondent IApril 15, 2009

Here's a total recap, and some interesting conclusions from yours truly:



Ken Kennedy from Smackdown

Primo Colon from Smackdown

Nikki Bella from Smackdown

"Lap-dog" aka Chavo Guerrero from Smackdown

Hornswoggle from ECW

Carlito from Smackdown

Festus from Smackdown

The Brian Kendrick from Smackdown

Brie Bella from Smackdown

Joining HHH, Matt Hardy, Big Show, MVP, Maryse, and The Miz



Shad Gaspard from Raw

Alicia Foxfrom ECW

Mike Knox from Raw

Candice Michelle from Raw

Ricky Ortiz from ECW

Layla Milani from Raw

John Morrison from ECW

JTG from Raw

Dolph Ziegler from Raw

Charlie Haas from Raw

Joining Melina, Y2J, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, and Kane



Ezekiel Jackson from Smackdown

Zack Ryder from Smackdown

DH Smith from Smackdown

Natalya from Raw

Hurricane Helms from Smackdown

Joining Vladimir Kozlov


Looking at the total draft board five major things occur to me, and just let me make you believe what I think.


1.The Cruiserweight Division is coming back, probably to ECW exclusively.

Hurricane Helms, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, and yes, even Zack Ryder -(6-foot-1, 205 pounds) could remake the Cruiserweight division.

Helms getting drafted almost assures this of happening, and an Extreme Cruiserweight division would be a welcome addition to the show.


2. I was right.

Morrison and Miz got split up, Vickie and Edge did as well. This is probably the best part of the entire draft for me personally, as the love triangle was making me not watch Smackdown.

The Next Generation Hart Foundation is coming. Natalya and DH Smith both landed in ECW and Tyson Kidd is already there, also Jim Neidhart has said he's returning the WWE programming come June, so don't be surprised if the Next Generation Hart Foundation makes pink look cool again, at least for a little while.

A reunited World's Greatest Tag Team could be on the horizon. With Haas and Benjamin on the same show, and Charlie Haas pushing heavily for it, and lately Shelton's career has been stagnant. 

Miz and Morrison will both be single champions by the end of this year. Mark my words, set it in stone and call me Miss Cleo.

Throw in my Matt and Cena feud which should happen by Summerslam, and Ezekial Jackson and Brian Kendrick getting split up, and I think my sources did pretty well.

The one thing that leaves me hanging is no Edge vs. Christian, but that could happen on WWE Superstars.


3. John Morrison, CM Punk, and Jack Swagger are probably the future of their brands

John Morrison has already started his path to the title with a win over Evan Bourne, and (spoiler alert) another win over R-Truth on Smackdown this Friday.

CM Punk will probably be his opponent, if not Edge. These two stars are going to make Friday nights worth watching, and I think Smackdown did well in the draft.

Jack Swagger impressed people in his match against Cena, and with Kozlov coming over, assumingly to face Finlay, Ezekiel Jackson to do battle with Mark Henry, this leaves Christian and Swagger.

Christian is going to turn Swagger into a main event talent over the next year, and put him through his paces. Swagger will one day be on a top brand and do huge things and he'll have Christian to thank for it.


4. This was an awesome draft for Tag Team Wrestling.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas might be reuniting, Kidd and Smith will be forming a new Hart Foundation, there's a small chance that Edge and Y2J might team, and Undertaker and Kane could reform, so despite losing Miz and Morrison to singles aspirations, the tag team division might very well be back.


5. Smackdown actually "won" the draft.

First off, yes, Cena stayed on Raw, and HHH, MVP and others went there, but look at what we got, and lost.

They lost Kozlov, Vickie, Kendrick, and Maryse. Vickie is annoying, Kozlov has no charisma, and can't really wrestle. Kendrick is always stoned, and Maryse might look good, but really, her wrestling isn't much of anything.

What they got was a GM who loves the brand. Teddy Long did so much good for Smackdown, and you know his heart was always on Friday nights.

Ricky Ortiz, Mike Knox, Cryme Tyme, and Charlie Haas are great puzzle pieces for Friday.

Rey Mysterio, Y2J, John Morrison, and CM Punk are golden tickets to Vince McMahon's chocolate factory of wrestling dreams, and Friday nights will never-eeever be the same again!

Who knew Chris Jericho could be right?


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